Ragnarök Season 2 : Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Crucial Details Here!

One of the best Norwegian-language fantasy dramas, Ragnarok, is set to come back with its second renewal. The first season of Ragnarok premiered on 31st January 2020 on Netflix Originals. This phenomenal superhero drama rated 7.5 on IMDb. This series is also compared with Twilight by the popular Wired American magazine.

Let us give you a small synopsis of the Ragnarok series. This superhero fantasy drama is written by Adam Price and directed in the direction of Mogens Hagedorn. SAM productions produce this series in Norwegian and English language. The story highlights the fight against the local Jutul family of Norway by a teenage boy named Magne. His enormous efforts to save his planet from the wealthiest industrialists like these families makes the story more interesting to watch.  

When will Ragnarök Season 2 Release on Netflix?

Although the series lacked positive reviews by the critics but quite enough to gain popularity among the audience, Netflix announced that Ragnarok’s renewals would come on screen. The platform hasn’t declared any official release date. Still, most probably, it will be sited soon in January 2021 as we know that the global pandemic of COVID -19 influences the whole world process. That’s why it can cease some delay in completing the shoot of its season 2, followed by postponing its released date. 

The Star Cast of Ragnarök Season 2

 According to some internet speculations, the same star cast of Season 1 will reprise their role in season 2 and some new entries that aren’t revealed yet. 

So, the expected cast of Season 2 will be:

  • David Stakston, in the role of Magne.
  • Jonas Strand Gravli as in the role of Laurits.
  • Theresa Frostad Eggesbø, in the role of Saxa.
  • Henriette Steenstrup as in the role of Turid.
  • Herman Tømmeraas as in the role of Fjor.
  • Emma Bones as in the role of Gry.
  • Synnøve Macody Lund as in the role of Ran.Ragnarök Season 2 Cast

Expected Plot of Ragnarök Season 2

As we watched in season 1, our protagonist, Magne, and Vidar brutally involved in conflicts and strategies over each other. At the end of season 1, Magne succeeds in running away Fjor and Gry from Vidar’s terror. Later on, he summoned a thunderbolt from the sky that stroked Vidar and might take his life. Hence it is not clarified in season 1 whether Vidar is still alive or not. So, the expected plot of its second installation is that Vidar’s main villain might come back in season 2. To take his revenge from Magne even in a more brutal way and another brutal battle of him with remaining giants. Ragnarök Season 2 Plot

The Storyline of Ragnarök Season 2

Ragnarok’s story is all about the plague caused by industrial pollution and climatic changes that occurred by the renowned factories of the city-owned by some wealthiest families. Jutuls is one of them, which is the fifth most affluent family of Norway. When the protagonist of the story, Magne, who is an embodiment of thor, noticed Norway’s situation, took the oath to save his planet from such people. So, the fight occurred between the giants of Jutuls, and Magne was the limelight of season 1. So, we can expect a more exciting battle in Season 2 and the more brutal nature of the villain Vidar, who most probably seems to be dead in last season. Still, the possibility of his aliveness is supposed to be much higher in season 2.Ragnarök Season 2 Storyline

The Trailer of Ragnarök Season 2

There is no information regarding the Trailer of Ragnarok Season 2. So it looks that we have to wait for some longer time for the Trailer. Once Netflix launches its official Trailer, we will get back to you with more updates about the Ragnarok season 2.

Till then, stay safe and tuned with us! 

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