Pretty Little Liars Reboot: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything We Know About The Reboot On HBO Max!

HBO max has left the audience mouth open after announcing a prequel of PLL. The fans are stunned as to how they weren’t aware of another PLL season even though season 7 was confirmed a finale. But now the tables have turned. 

You will see more drama, catchy plot, pretty teenage girls, but one thing is the same. GUESS? The mothers who had a secret two decades ago, now the girls are made to pay for it. An unknown assailant is provoking the girls to dig deep into their mother’s pasts. The vibe is grittier, and the suspense invokes goose-bumps. 

Is Pretty Little Liars Reboot Revived For Season 2?

HBO Max has renewed the “Pretty Little Liars” revival for a second season after it received positive reviews from both reviewers and viewers.

Pretty Little Liars Reboot Release Date: When will it air?

Although Season 7 of PLL ended in 2017, now Freeform has confirmed another Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin or reboot. The show is still in productions, but you can expect the first episode to air in July 2022. But everyone sit tight, watch your favorite characters with enthusiasm. 

Pretty Little Liars Reboot Plot Predictions And Spoilers: When can we watch it?

The never-ending endeavors of pretty liars, this series is taken a new road. You can expect 21st century look in the season. Another news has confirmed that the Riverdale creator is a PLL reboot creator. How’s that for being bold? Many have criticized the directions. Even a story has documented that the original PLL cast has unfollowed PLL on Instagram.

There isn’t a very formidable response from the audience. Everyone hates the idea that the writer I, aka Marlene King, is nowhere to be seen near the scriptwriting. Let’s wait and hope there is nothing RIVERDALE wannabe vibe being given off.

Pretty Little Liars Reboot Cast: Who will be in?

The cast isn’t even confirmed yet. But HBO max has ordered an Original Sin series. Maybe you can expect a little or no familiar face. Yes, the original cast writer is nowhere to be seen in the productions. So the cast is still unknown, no idea who might be in it. The cast is yet to be selected, maybe giving a chance to new talent. 

Pretty Little Liars Reboot Storyline: What is it about?

The story is far away from Rosewood. There is a new group to teenage girls, taking places of Aria, Hannah, Alison, Maya, and Spencer. They are going to be the daughters of their four-decades-old mothers. Although the season was first aired in 2010 and finished seven seasons in 2017, this is still too early for a reboot.

The town is new; the cast is a set of new liars, an assailant is threatening to make the girls pay for the sins of their parents, and themselves. You can notice the plot is incredibly different with a little different vibe, where Lucy Hale said,’I will produce the reboot since I am empathetic about it.’

Pretty Little Liars Reboot Trailer: When can we watch it?

There isn’t a trailer yet, but there is a teaser that was released on 24 September 2020. Watch it here.

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