Palomino Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline And Other Updates That You Don’t Want To Miss!

If you loved The Crown series, then it is, without a doubt, you will enjoy the Palomino series. The upcoming show will be from the Crown series creators and explore the life of a British teacher whose life is more meets the eye. The female lead thriller series announcement came in early 2022 with Jack Lothian cast as both the writer and Creator. The upcoming series is expected to have eight episodes, each recounting the thrills of Evin Ahmad (Snabba Cash), who will be starring as Erin Collantes. With the series’ preproduction schedule postponed more than once, here is everything we know about the upcoming show.

Palomino Season 1 Release Date: When will it be telecasted?                                   

Unfortunately, we do not know when the Palomino series will be released as the creators are yet to set a specific date for the series premiere. The series filming was initially scheduled to commence in March and wrap up in August. However, this did not go as planned, as recent reports indicate that the series filming was postponed to start in August and wrap up in October. Despite the filming dates being rescheduled twice, there is no reason to reschedule them again. If filming is not postponed again, then you can expect the series premiere by 2023 or 2024

Palomino Season 1 Plot: What can we expect?

The upcoming series plot revolves around the life of Erin, a British teacher who just by coincidence gets herself caught up in a supermarket robbery. Amidst the robbery, one of the robbers claims to know her and the English teacher has to do anything possible to clear her name. In a town of secrets, Erin fears for her reputation to be soiled, and to protect her family from crumbling under the judging stares of society, Erin has to devise a plan. But how will she convince people she does not have a double identity when all the answers are in the CCTV footage?

Palomino Season 1 Cast: Who will be appearing?

Evin Ahmad will be starring as the series protagonist in the upcoming dramedy. This is not the first lead role the actress gets as she also played Leya, the lead actress in the Snabba Cash series. In Palomino, she will be starring as the British teacher who gets caught in a robbery that threatens to unfold her unpleasant past. So far, we have yet to be updated on the other characters she will be playing alongside, but we believe the updates will be available before the series premiere. Jack Lothian, who is cast as the writer and showrunner, will also be producing the series alongside Andy Harries, Naula O’Leary, Rob Bullock, and Sharon Huff.

Palomino Season 1 Trailer: When will it be out?

A trailer for the Palomino series is yet to be released, and currently, we do not know how soon the trailer will be available. The show’s filming was scheduled to warp in September, and since there are no updates, we are still determining if the schedule went ahead. If filming did wrap up in October, then there are chances of the series trailer being released before the year ends. If filming takes longer than scheduled, a trailer for the upcoming show will be released either next year or in 2024.

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