Top 10 Programming Languages

1. JAVA :: For the enterprise, Java and Microsoft's .NET rule. However, Java has the edge, as it is No. 1 language in terms of...


Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle (sometimes also referred to as the Devil's Triangle) is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from...

Truth Seekers: Release Date, cast, Plot, Trailer, And Important Details That You Want To Know!

Truth seekers is a comedy drama going to premiere on Amazon Prime, Created by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg,. Here are all the details that you want to know about it.


Tim Curry Joins ‘Rocky Horror’ Halloween Event for Wisconsin Democrats!

We are sure that most of you have already decided to watch movies at this Halloween, but you might change your plans after hearing what's coming on the screens this Halloween. Wisconsin Democrats and Tim Curry are hosting a Rocky Horror Picture Show, a virtual fundraiser on 31st October 2020. Get all latest updates about this here.

Marvel looks to be making Wolverine Return with Hugh Jackman!

There is good news to all Marvel lovers' fans that rumored news has been viral all over the media that there might be Wolverine Return in which Feige featured Hugh Jackman as the new Wolverine. Get all the details about it.

Check Out Trailer for ‘Trial 4’ Reveals Netflix Docuseries About a Man Unjustly Convicted of Murder!

The trailer for the upcoming documentary Trial 4, recently launched by Netflix, will premiere on November 11. Watch the trailer of Trial 4. Get all the details related to this.

Watch It Or Skip It: ‘Totally Under Control’ Steam on Hulu, Alex Gibney’s Simple Rewind Of The Last Ten Months!

Totally under Control premiered on 13th October 2020. What's up with the title? On which this documentary based? Here We provide the reviews of documentary. Get all the details regarding this here.

EXO’s Park Chanyeol Accused Of Cheating On Ex-Girlfriend. Fan-Edited Photo of Chanyeol and BLACKPINK Rosé Goes Viral in Korea Following His Dating Scandal!

The post went viral on 29th October; the netizen did not reveal her face or name and is still unknown. She shared Chanyeol's photos with her as proof, and Chanyeol is clearly visible in the pic, but the netizen covered her face. The netizen accused Chanyeol of cheating on her and having many one night stands. Get all details about it.

Shawn Mendes Shows off Quarantine Life with Girlfriend Camila Cabello!

Recently on 27 October 2020, Shawn Mendes had posted his beautiful quarantine picture along with his girlfriend, Camilo Cabello. Although their new looks are...


Jason Sudeikis’ ” Ted Lasso” Renewed For Season 3 At Apple TV+ Because Good Things Come In Threes!

There is surprising news for all the fans of Ted Lasso that it will not terminate just like the other series, which bear the terrible effects of covid-19. Now Ted Lasso is all set for a comeback with its third season streaming on the Apple TV+ network. Get all the details regarding it.

Netflix’s ‘The Liberator’: Drops Trailer, Release Date For WWII Animated Series!

Netflix is adding a new series to its animated genre. The series is adapted from Alex Kershaw's novel titled The Liberator: One World War II Soldier's 500-Day Odyssey'. Here we have all the details regarding it.

The CW’s ‘Batwoman’ reveals The first look of Javicia Leslie in a Newly designed Batsuit!

Warner Bros and the CW revealed the first look of 33-year-old actress Javicia Leslie, the official new Batwoman of the Hollywood industry. She has been suited for the DC Comics superhero season 2. Get more details related to this here.

Moon Knight’: Oscar Isaac Is New Superhero; Mohamed Diab To Direct Marvel’s Disney+ Series!

Marvel will feature Oscar Isaac in the title role as Superhero in Moon Knight. Director Mohammad Diab will direct Marvel's series "Moon Knight" on Disney+. To get other news related to this. Visit the page and read the article.

FX’s ‘Y: The Last Man’ Hulu Series Finally Begins Production With Cast Changes As Ashley Romans & Olivia Thirlby

Y: The Last Man is officially in production! The show faced many delays as the original showrunners were replaced, and the lead actor of the series also abruptly left the project. FX announced that the show has begun production on 28th October 2020 and addressed the show as Y: The Last Man; it was previously titled Y only.  


Netflix Launched Teaser For ‘The Midnight Sky’ Starring George Clooney!

Netflix released the first teaser of George Clooney's Sci-fi movie "The Midnight Sky" on Monday and ensured that a full-fledged trailer would arrive soon.

Mark Wahlberg Gives a Glimpse of his Sully appearance with a mustache in the ‘Uncharted’ Movie!

Uncharted Is one of the most popular and loved game series ever. A movie adapted from a game is nothing new in Hollywood. Get all the details about it. Who will be the cast? When it will release?

Kate Winslet shares her underwater behind the scene still from ” Avatar 2 Set”!

As announced by Disney networks, Avatar 2 will be going to hit the theatres on 16 December 2022. Recently Kate Winslet shared behind the scene from the set of Avatar 2 on the official Twitter handle of the Avatar franchise. Get all the updates here.

Meet Jon Favreau’s Most Adorable Alien Creation ‘Alien Xmas’ Trailer From Netflix!

Netflix has dropped the trailer of the highly anticipated movie, Alien Xmas. Chiodo Bros are back with a brand new stop motion film. Get all the details related to this here.

Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi And the Legend of the Ten Rings’ Wraps Filming: Director Celebrates First Asian-Fronted Marvel Studios Superhero Pic!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is gonna be the MCU's first Asian superhero movie in Phase 4. It was officially reveled that the filming of the film is complete. Get all the details regarding it here. Visit here and read the article.


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