Demi Lovato Confirms A Collaboration With Ariana Grande For New Song !

Are Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato teaming up for their new song? Demi made a promise to her followers that 2021 would be a remarkable year for good music, and she is also maintaining her words.

A few weeks after her collaboration with Sam Fischer, she revealed a new duet with another tremendous artist via Twitter.

Over the several years, Both have bonded a strong friendship with each other, and they’re achieving the best on their goals. Duo had a desire to work together and built a powerful collaborated song for a long time.

On Sunday, the youngest richest actress Ariana Grande shared a story on her Instagram with a “background on a song for a friend,” meaning she recorded a song in a music studio.

Fans are really excited to know who this friend is? Simultaneously, by sharing the video on Demi Lovato’s stories with side-eye emojis, she has lifted the curtain from this surprise. Fans took to Twitter to showcase their enthusiasm for the Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande collaboration.

A fan shared a personal chat with Demi Lovato where her follower asked, is it a last-minute collaboration? Lovato ascertained this with a blush-face emoticon.

Some shared the old video from 2010, where Demi stated that she wished to do a song with Grande.

Their friendship is too special; it also shows from their tweets. Firstly, Ariana Grande tweeted that Demi’s voice was “amazing” on her song “Heart Attack.” Soon afterward, Frankie Grande, Ariana’s brother, produced a mash-up song with Lovato and Grande’s “Heart Attack” and “The Way.” Demi Lovato tweeted that she “loved the mash-up” and also indicated that she was interested in collaborating for a song with Ariana. At the American Music Awards, both were photographed with each other. In 2016, Grande and Lovato went to Charles “Murder” mansion. Demi Lovato appeared in Grande’s mv Stuck With U. On Twitter, Ariana expressed on Yours Truly Fun Facts that she wanted to do ‘You’ll never know’ with Demi Lovato.

With her political anthem,  “Commander in Chief“, Demi Lovato targeted Donald Trump the former president of the United States during elections.

Recently, Demi Lovato identifies herself as pansexual and she wants to adopt a child.

Demi disclosed at one interview that the collaboration song with Ariana Grande was pending as they didn’t choose the right melody that they could vocalize with each other. Now we hope that both have found the right music, the result of which we will all hear soon.

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