Teresa Giudice’s ‘Orange Is the New Black’ : Why Netflix Cancelled This Series! How She Inspired to Write It During her sentence?

Netflix is highly known to stream the best out of the best addictive series for its audience. Orange is the new Black is among that which comes under the category of most-watched web series on this platform. The whole story revolves around the woman named Piper Kerman, who was punishable for 15 months in Prison of New York City for money laundering. The plot of OITNB brings out the various forms of illegal activities and uncovers the corrupted government’s sight, raising multiple social issues that include racial discrimination, safety, health, and many more.

But what makes this series more captivating for the audience? The answer is Teresa Giudice.

Orange Is the New Black Season 8 Cancelled

Reason of Cancellation of the Series by the End of its Seventh Season :

Yes! Netflix has officially declared that the seventh season is the end of this fantastic TV show. It’s so hard to digest. But that’s true that the makers terminate the show for some of their reasons. 

The last season of this season premiered on 26th July 2019.

The news of its cancellation shocked the huge fan base of this incredible show. According to some internet speculations, the reasons for its cancellation is more likely the more significant opportunities that attract the lead actress of the show. By which the production house has to invest in a new cast that might not give the same result and the environment of OITNB’s audience. Hence, the production and the Steamer Network, Netflix has decided to shut the show and focus more on some new projects with immense talents and unique content. So, these are the most probable reasons for the cancellation of OITNB.

More about Teresa Giudice :

Yes! The reality star Teresa is behind the storyline of this fantastic series. Her real-life story is inspired by the “Orange Is the New Black” to be recreated in the reel scenario.

If you don’t know, let us tell you about Teresa Giudice. She is a renowned Television actress who gets fame by The Real Housewives of New Jersey TV series. According to IMDb, she owns her fashion line and also writes cookbooks.

She was married to Joe Giudice in 1999, which ran for 20 years but sadly got divorced last year. They both have four daughters. Despite being separated, they still share a good bonding with their daughters. She met her love life at the very early age of 14. She had pursued a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management course.

What made her serve her life in Prison for 15 months?

In 2013, the spouse was arrested in a money laundering case. They both were charged for submitting fraud papers to get a loan and hiding valuable assets while being bankrupt.

Their unfavorable behaviors to the courts led the judge to get more irritated over the lack of transparency in their case and discard Teresa’s probation. After then, Teresa Giudice was sentenced for 15 months, and her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, was sentenced for 41 months. In 2015, she was released after completing her sentence. And recently, her husband was released in 2019, who left for Italy just after the release.

Orange Is the New Black Season 8 Netflix

How did she come to write “Orange Is the New Black” during her sentence?

Yes, this is true that the Netflix unique series “Orange is the new Black” is inspired by the real-life incident of Teresa Giudice. Piper Kerman had also served some time of her life in a Prison named Federal Corporation Institution in Danbury, C.T., as in the familiar case of Money laundering. She had written about that incident in the Prison as a book. When Orange is the new black streamed in the platform, the audience was highly found in Kerman’s character, much similar to Teresa Giudice.

Although both Piper Kerman and Teresa shared the same Prison, the story’s character is relatable to Giudice more than Piper herself. That’s why the fans found this incredible storyline as an adaptation of the sentence of Teresa Giudice. 

This season was firstly premiered on 11th July 2013, in the same year when Giudice got arrested and ran over Netflix to its seventh installation, to sum up, the end on 26th July 2019. Moreover, Giudice thinks that as a star in that period, the creators read her memoir, but later this Giudice’s statement was declined by the creator of the series, Jenji Kohan.

Stay tuned with us for more updates! Stay safe!

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