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This Emmy-award winning critically acclaimed food docuseries centers on Chef’s lives. Chef’s Table is a Netflix series that tends to create a picture of perfectly decorated white linens and table cloths, all that you can think of concerning food and serving. Chef’s Table brings a revolution to this renowned series: Chief’s Table BBQ. 

The new season of the series by David Gelb presents Pitmasters in the United States, Australia, and Mexico. They tame the fire to bring on the table roasted pigs, seafood, grilled vegetables, and racks of ribs that have tasted the flame. Each episode is devoted explicitly to the experience and culinary skills of the particular chefs. The four-episode season features four Chefs and Pitmasters from Texas, South Carolina, Sydney, and Mexico. The first episode starts with Tootsie Tomanetz, one of the most captivating chef stories you will ever encounter.


Episode one features an 85 –year old widow and grandmother named Tootsie Tomanetz. She takes care of the school during the week. Until one day, on a Saturday morning, she wakes up at 1 AM and embarks on a job she is better known for: She is the Pitmaster at Snow’s BBQ in Kingston, Texas. 

Tootsie never started with the aspiration of becoming a barbeque expert. She learned the trade when her husband White opened a market and restaurant in Giddings, where she assisted. They ran the meat market together for over 20 years. During this period, she mastered the expertise of smoking brisket, ribs, sausages, chicken, and turkey breast to the point where the market became very popular.

Chef's Table Season 7 BBQ

Some Of The Famous Lines From Tomentz’s Chef’s Table first Episode include:

Tomanetz on the lively neighborhood around BBQ saying barbecue unites people. It gives them time to visit each other often. People kind of slow down to speak to one another and focus on the positive side of life. Many people don’t realize what a wonderful feeling that is.

Tomanetz opinion on being brought up on a field at the end of the Depression, saying they were taught to manage the situation on their own. She attributes the efficiency to take care of herself on this bringing up.

Does the show remind you of something?

Admittedly, there are numerous shows on cooking out there. However, this show’s design is to focus on the food and the Chef’s experience uniquely. This diversity is where the allure lies.

Chef's Table Season 7 Episode 1


Throughout her life, Tootsie does not use the thermometer to check her smoker’s temperature. This action is what you see her doing in the final scene to judge the temperature. It is one of the things she does out of instinct to make her meat taste better.


Hit the link below and watch season one’s trailer:

You need help finding something to watch? Go ahead and stream this fabulous series and get to experience people talk and make food instead of just seeing the food itself.

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