Not Quite Narwhal Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer And Everything You Want To Know !

Several animations have been released in 2022, and Not Quite Narwhal Season One is just in the queue for release. The new animation has been slated for release in 2023, with no official communication or information about the specific release date. With very little information available, we tried to give all the information we knew about the animation series.

Not Quite Narwhal Season 1 Release Date: When Is It Supposed To Air?

There is no official release date for the series just yet. Not Quite Narwhal has been slated for release any time in 2023. The animation organizers and directors have not yet come clear on the specific dates to expect the series, but as earlier stated, somewhere in 2023 will be a conservative guess. Many popular platforms, including IMDb, back up this guess.

Not Quite Narwhal Season 1 Plot: What is an animated series story all about?

Much information about the yet-to-be-released animation series is under wraps; the plot is not excluded. With the animation series being an adaptation of the novel not quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima, we expect it to have the same plot. In the novel, the synopsis revolves around a young unicorn who finds himself living under the sea with a family of narwhals.

It is not clear the circumstances that made him find himself in the underwater habitat despite his features being extremely different from the rest. He has adapted but not that well. He is a bit slower than the rest in swimming, his task is smaller, and he does not like the cuisine. As we all know, the truth always has a way of unraveling itself.

While Kelp was doing his business one night, a strong storm swept him to the surface and away from the habitat. He discovers a mysterious creature with the same features just like him. On realizing the creature is a unicorn, he is now in a dilemma; is he a seas unicorn or a land narwhal? Will he return to the underwater habitat, or will he want to change homes? All these questions will be answered in the series.

Not Quite Narwhal Season 1 Cast: Who will feature in this upcoming series?

There are no elaborate details on who will play which role in the animation series and even the characters’ names to expect. As is always the case with animations, the actors will likely play voice-over. So far, only two characters can be confidently named: Nevin Kar (Action Pack) as Kelp and Sasha Knight as Ollie.

These two are the main casts of the show, and it seems they are already gaining popularity even before the movie’s release. We hope that the showrunners and directors of the show will come out clear about the cast to expect. The certain thing is that more voice-over actors will take up other roles that have not yet been mentioned. Big names common in the animation field may appear among the cast once the full list is out. Stay tuned to know who the cast will be.

Not Quite Narwhal Season 1 Trailer: Is there any trailer out for the series?

There is no trailer available for the animation series yet to be released. With the series slated for 2023, we will have to wait a little bit longer before the trailer is out. The trailer will be out before the actual series, and late 2022 would be a rough guess. Minions: The Rise Of Gru, Lightyear, Beavis And Butt-Head Do The Universe, and Turning Red are other animation movies and series to keep you entertained while awaiting the official release.

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