Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoiler, Trailer, And Other Updates

Get ready to unleash your inner ninja as Netflix brings you the highly anticipated animated series LEGO Ninjago: Dragons Rising. Since its debut in 2011, LEGO Ninjago has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. This beloved sub-franchise from the LEGO Group has spawned a massive following with its thrilling adventures and dynamic characters.

LEGO Ninjago has become an iconic phenomenon from the original TV series, which ran for an impressive eight years and showcased over 200 action-packed episodes, to the extensive line of toy sets and magnetic media. In LEGO Ninjago: Dragons Rising, prepare to witness the epic rise of new heroes, the clash of mighty dragons, and the never-ending battle between good and evil.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of excitement as the brave ninjas face dangerous challenges to protect the world from the forces of darkness. Here is everything we know about the upcoming series.

Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 1 Release Date: When Will it Air?

Fans of the Ninjago show won’t have to wait long, as Netflix has already set a specific release date for the upcoming series. Netflix has announced that it’ll carry the brand-new animated series beginning on June 1st, 2023, in select regions, including the United States. Moreover, the show’s new season will be available on Netflix.

However, its release is confirmed only for the US, with more region availability details on the LEGO page for Dragons Rising. Excitingly, the series will consist of 20 thrilling episodes, promising an immersive and action-packed experience for Ninjago enthusiasts.

Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 1 Plot: What Can It Be About?

Viewers are transported to a world where legendary realms collide in a spectacular fusion. However, the harmonious union of these realms is in peril as instability threatens their existence. It falls upon a skilled Spinjitzu Ninja Master to rise to the occasion and take on the necessary task of training a new generation of heroes. Their mission?

To seek out and harness the power of Elemental Dragons, the key to preserving their planet’s future. Time is of the essence as they race against the forces of evil, who seek to exploit the same dragon energy in their quest to dismantle this newly formed world.

Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 1 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

The voice cast for the show includes a talented ensemble of actors who have been confirmed for their respective roles. Sabrina Pitre, known for her previous work in Ninjago as Vania and Garpo, will voice Sora. Recognized for his Sonic Prime and Dragon Ball Z roles, Brian Drummond will voice r Riyu. Deven Mack, known for his work in Sonic Prime and Daniel Spellbound, will voice Arin. Giles Panton, who has previously voiced Kalmaar in Ninjago, will take on the role of Rapton in the new series.

Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 1 Trailer: When Will We See It?

The eagerly awaited trailer for the series has already made its debut, and Netflix subscribers can now watch it on the platform. Before its release, a teaser trailer was unveiled on the official LEGO YouTube channel on April 26th. The teaser, accompanied by the caption, “Despite the familiar, everything has changed. Soon,” Prepare to embark on an exhilarating and hazardous expedition through new realms in LEGO NINJAGO: Dragons Rising. Check it out on either Netflix or YouTube.

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