Netflix Anthology Series “Social Distance” Reviews: Stream It Or Skip It!

The streaming of one of the most relatable Series by Netflix catching up fire on its timeline named as SOCIAL DISTANCE.

Hillary Weissman Graham’s creation of social distance was recently premiered on 15 October 2020. This American television anthology series is also creating Jenny Kohan, who was also the creator of “Orange Is the New Black.” This series was conceived in the overall period of Quarantine. That’s why it’s relatively directed and compacted as an anthology. This series is all about today’s scenario that suppresses the whole world by the covid-19 pandemic.

More likely, you will see it focusing on how humans will cope with these effects of the current time and after what situation of the world that is still alive in the deadly covid-19 scenario. Moreover, one more theme that you will watch in this series is the impact of technology, which played a considerable role. During Quarantine time, this was the only way to connect, even for work, education, politics, and many more.

If we talked about the series’ critical response, it has scored 7.5/10 ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

This new anthology series is a collection of short vintages of life during the early hood of the covid-19 crisis. The mainstream Network of the series had recently out eight episodes on 15 October 2020, performed by various isolation helpful Technologies such as zoom and the next camera.

So the question arises: is it worth watching? The series is more relatable to those who suffered enormous pain and isolation from their loved ones. So we can conclude this as a creative and fascinating response to the trauma of this year. All eight episodes have ended up with a different approach in each.

The cast members who participated in each episode are varied, and it is written and directed by a variety of directors and writers.

This is a complete combo of a unique anthology package. The supreme creativity depicted the various technologies and moral tales set up in Quarantine’s situation.

Most of the relationships are affirming in a few episodes. People are dying to see each other’s loved ones. That was all quite a crazy and challenging experience. One more social issue that has been depicted in this series is racial justice that is arisen by Asante Black, one of the characters, which was based on a real phenomenon. The step of making such a depiction series is quite admirable by both the audience and critics.

Much more, the series will make you remind Coastal Elites of HBO, Love in the time of corona, and Isolation stories. So we can say that it’s a complete package of fun, humor, distancing, emotional drama, and a handful of other sentiments that will stun you by watching the series.

You can watch this fantastic anthology series on Netflix that is still streaming on its original Network. So we must recommend you look at this bewildering series to get back to the time, which was not more than a trauma for most of us.

Till then, stay attuned with us for more latest updates.

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