‘Operation Christmas Drop’ Release Today on Netflix; Know Review of this longest-running humanitarian airlift mission in the world!

The original Christmas movie from Netflix is now a genre in itself and is lending us a tropical rom-com genre this time that will allow you to take the thrilling journey in lockdown.

This rom-com fiction is not considered to delight only Christmas lovers. The holiday film softens our hearts not with snow and lavish decor but with a real holiday in the tropics and the nature of giving back.

This film revolves around a real-life humanitarian airlift mission in which the US military participates every Christmas to bring supplies and gifts to islands. 

The Vampire Diaries Kat Graham acts as Erica, an uptight congressional aide, is compelled to skip the festive celebrations with her family, sent for an evaluation, and found a reason to justify the facility. Her boss tells her to shut down a tropical US Airforce military base.

While living there, she grows closer with a big-hearted Captain Andrew Jantz (The Hunger games Alexander Ludwig). He spends his Christmas holidays by dropping off the gifts to remote islands by using military cargo planes and keeping the military base open.

The remaining cast features:

  • Candyman star Virginia Madsen as Congresswoman Angie Bradford
  • Battlestar Galactica star Aaron Douglas as Daniel Sampson
  • Supernatural fame Jeff Joseph as General Hatcher 
  • Riverdale star Aliza Vellani as Erica’s sister Sally

The other cast appeared in this movie: Trezzo Mahoro, Brittany Willacy, Xavier de Guzman, Eileen Pedde, and Rohan Campbell.

Operation Christmas Drop Reviews:

The military base’s day-to-day operations during the festive vacations and approximately seventy-year-old humanitarian mission is the centerpiece of the story. The film’s central part was shot at the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam and the real homes of service-members located there. Such devotion to the shot film makes the story feel genuinely credible.

Instead of broadcasting Western Christmas rituals in Guam, the film seeks to bring interest in real island culture and how these Americans pass their holidays away from home to adopt new traditions.

I cannot say how accurate these descriptions of Guam’s cultures are. But as an outsider, I have seen this film make the island’s tradition and its people a star. During the shoot, it was also heard that the production teamed up with the indigenous Chamorro Islander.

This movie is not a typical Christmas vacation movie. Actually, we should learn from this film how to make this tradition a part of our everyday lives to help others.

The ultra-sweet, overly flamboyant holiday rom-com of detesters for years should make this good film feel like an all-out victory. And for the most part, the suitability and excitement of these characters are so reviving.

Of course, this movie brings the Christmas mood to movie-lovers in need of a festival attraction. The film fulfills the humanitarian airlift mission and more by fascinating us with an incredible holiday season celebration.

However, I applaud Netflix’s enthusiasm for taking us to the festive holiday coaster, which can make the Christmas experience real. Operation Christmas Drop is released on Netflix on Thursday, 5 November.

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