Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks Team Up for Mashup of hit songs ‘Edge of Seventeen’ and’ Midnight Sky’ Mashup!

The midnight sky pop star Miley Cyrus has recently dropped her new song, “Edge of Midnight,” in which she features Stevie Nicks with her own eternal 1981’s sensational track named “Edge of Seventeen.”

Recently Stevie Nicks has tweeted a post on her Twitter handle in which she gives the official news that she will be going to duet with Miley Cyrus.

Her collaboration with Edge of Seventeen to make a pop mashup with the Midnight sky of Miley Cyrus will be a hit for their fans.

The remix doesn’t sound so heavy and appreciated by the listeners.

On the Zach Sang Show, Michael Cyrus has confessed that she feels blessed by this sensational singer’s collaboration. She further stated that she directly contacted Nicks for this collaboration, and she humbly approved.

Later, she humbly stated that 72- year old American singer Stevie Nicks is always there for her whenever she felt lonely.

This young sensation has posted her recent Instagram post for her collaboration with Rock icon Nicks. Cyrus pointed out on Instagram that it feels like a “Miley….. Magical! Loved singing with her!”

She will drop this Midnight Sky’s latest version on 27 November for Miley’s upcoming seventh Studio albums PLASTIC HEARTS. 

Last month, Stevie Nicks returned with her original song, named Show Then The Way. And now her such collaboration with Miley Cyrus will again compel her name in Limelight.

Suppose this perplexing collaboration still deprives you of “Edge of Seventeen” and “Midnight Sky,” mashup. In that case, you must put your hands on this featured track and comment below your views, whether you’ll admire this new mashup or will give an average rate to it.

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