Is ‘Megan Is Missing’ Based On a True Story?

Megan is Missing was released in 2011, and there were a lot of controversies around this movie. Even though Megan is Missing was released a long time ago, people are showing interest again in the film, thanks to TikTok! Many viewers are wondering if the movie is based on a real story? We have the answer to your question, undoubtedly the film seems to be true so let’s talk a little about the film.

Megan is Missing is directed by Michael Goi, and it has been filmed in a “found footage” format. The movie features Rachel Quinn as Megan Stewart, a 14-year-old popular high school girl. Megan and her best friend named Amy, played by Amber Perkins, spend a lot of time online; they chat with boys and post photos and videos. Megan plans to meet Josh, a boy she met online, and she ends up being abducted. Amy informed the police and described the case, and an investigation ensued.

Megan is Missing faced a lot of criticism, and it is described as disturbing, cringe-worthy acting, and violently graphic; at the same time, people found it engaging. The film has been banned in New Zealand; this made people more curious about the movie. There is even a Facebook page that claims Megan Stewart and Herman exist in real life.

Megan is Missing: is it based on a true story?

The truth is that the movie is based on real-life cases of Child abduction that happen very frequently in the world; it is not based on any particular case. Hence, the film is a cautionary tale for teens and parents. The movie was ready in 2006 but couldn’t find any distribution until, in 2011, Anchor Bay released the film on DVD.

Where to watch Megan is Missing?

Unfortunately, if you wish to watch the movie, you won’t find it on Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu. Netflix hasn’t added the film to its streaming service, and it is quite unlike to happen. You can rent the movie on YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes. There are plenty of horror movies on Netflix that will make you think twice before coming out of bed at Night. Have a look at the top 10 scary movies that you should watch; also, watch Sinister if you haven’t as it is now scientifically the scariest movie.

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