Matt Wright’s Wild Territory Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Other Updates That You Want To Know!

If you thought watching Matt extract the ferocious crocs in Wild Croc was enough, then you are in for another surprise. Wright is returning to our screens with another series named Matt Wright’s Wild Territory, about to get as wild as the title suggests. The series is full of adventures and captures wright in one of the most serene yet dangerous places in the world; the Northern territory.

The show’s first season premiered a while back in April, and fans wonder when they will get to see another episode of Matt Wright. Despite seeing him in the Wild croc series, fans still want the previous Will Territory to be continued, and here is everything we know about Matt Wright’s Season 2.

Matt Wright’s Wild Territory Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Almost six months after the show’s first season got released, Netflix has yet to update us on when we should expect a second season. So far, we do not know how well the series did, and there are no ratings, but it has been proven that Matt Wright’s series is never a miss. We hope that the series renewal will come however late it takes, and even if it does not, we have Wild Croc to give us solace. In case of a resurgence, expect the Wild Territory to be released in 2024.

Matt Wright’s Wild Territory Season 2 Plot: What will happen?

Wrestling wild crocs, reeling in the barramundi, and flying choppers to the Tropical wet season are just a few incidences of what the Wild Territory series entails. It follows Matt Wright, who is set on a mission to protect the wild and the people at risk of being mauled by the wildlife. The series is allocated in the tropical region, which could mean that the animals are exposed to harsh weather conditions and challenging terrain, and Matt Wright takes it as his duty to make it.

All right. While rescuing the animals and the people, Matt also; learns about the terrains of the lands he visits. The second season plot, however, is yet to be discussed. We can tell that it will also be filled with stories on the farmer’s livelihood and Matt protecting their livestock from being devoured by deadly animals.

Matt Wright’s Wild Territory Season 2 Cast: Who will appear?

The show’s first season featured Matt Wright, his wife Kaia, and their beautiful baby Banjo. This is not the first time Matt delves into the wild, as he has a history of dealing with deadly animals. In an interview that Celebrity conducted, Matt revealed that this passion started as a kid, and he would tail poisonous brown snake tails and show them to his mum.

Later he shifted to crocodiles, and getting his flying license made it much easier to relocate the animals. We expect to see him, together with his family and team, Chris Wilson and Sebastian Robinson, in the second season.

Matt Wright’s Wild Territory Season 2 Trailer: When will it be out?

A trailer for the series is yet to be released. We are unsure when Netflix will release the trailer, but we will have to wait for the Wild Territory series to be renewed. In the man time, you can check another Matt Wright series on Netflix called Wild Croc Territory.

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