Kevin Dillon To Play Jack Warner in Dennis Quaid’s ‘Reagan’ Biopic!

It is confirmed that Kevin Dillon will play Jack Warner in the upcoming biopic “Reagan.” Happiness is evident when you get a role this big, and Kevin stated that it is an excellent opportunity for him to work in this epic movie. Kevin added that playing Jack Warner, one of Hollywood’s founding fathers, and acting with Dennis Quaid is a privilege for him.

Sean McNamara will be the director of the movie with Joseph as the producer and Howard Klausner as the writer. Other cast members include Penelope Ann Miller, who is playing Nancy Reagan, and Jon Voight, the KGB agent who tailed Reagan for almost forty years. We will have Mena Suvari playing Jane Wyman, Reagan’s first wife. Lesley-Anne Down will appear as Margaret Thatcher; The Crown is also currently featuring Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher.

Reagan made most of his movies with Warner Bros after signing a seven-year contract with the company in 1937. Some critically acclaimed films are “Knute Rockne, All American,” “Dark Victory,” and “Kings Row.” Kings Row was nominated for the best picture in the 1943 Academy Awards. His performance in King’s Row was praised a lot, and one of his dialogue became very popular. Where’s the rest of me?” This line was later used as the title of his autobiography, written in 1965.  

Production of Reagan halted a few weeks ago because of the COVID-19 outbreak among the crew members. Production resumed on 5th November, and the producer stated that the filming is moving from Oklahoma to California. Joseph, the Reagan producer, welcomed Kevin Dillon to the cast and said that Kevin is going to add his excellent acting skills to the incredible cast.

We can understand why the producer is praising Dillon; he has performed very well as Johny “Drama” Chase in Entourage, HBO comedy series rated 8.4 ON IMDB. He was starred in another biopic titled “The Doors” as John Densmore and played Bunny in “Platoon.” McNamara and Quaid previously worked together on “Soul Surfer” in 2011. 

The film will spotlight Reagan’s journey from anti-communist crusader in Hollywood to President of the United States through a KGB agent’s perspective. Jon Voight is playing Viktor Novikov, the KGB agent. The movie will feature different stages of Reagan’s career, such as SAG president, actor, and California governor.

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