Gillian Anderson Talks On Playing Margaret Thatcher with Fat Suit on the upcoming season of ‘The Crown’

Gillian Anderson told us about her transformation to play Margaret Thatcher in The Crown Season 4. Gillian was very clear in stating that she has boundaries and only told us about the character’s physical aspects only. The 52-year-old star stated that she had to wear a fat suit to look like Margaret Thatcher in the fourth installment of the series on Netflix due to her body shape.

Anderson told us that she practiced the way Margaret Thatcher used to walk as she had a very particular way of waking. She added that costume helped her a lot to get into the character. Her words tell us that it is very tricky for an actor to Mimic someone else, as there is always a doubt if they are on the right track.

Gillian Anderson also opened about her journey to mimic Thatcher’s unique voice. She stated that it was fun and not very hard to maintain because Thatcher had a lot of breath in her voice. Gillian also said that she had to continually remind herself of not going overboard because that would turn it into a parody.

The makers haven’t revealed the plot, but season four will explore the relationship between Thatcher and the Queen, played by Olivia Colman. This season will mark the beginning of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ relationship

Peter is the writer and creator of the show, and he established some boundaries for Gillian Anderson, and it was for their own sanity. Gillian was advised not to let her personal opinions about the former Prime Minister and her policies affect her performance. Having a clear mind is essential while portraying a controversial figure like Margaret Thatcher.

If you think that playing this role might have affected her personality somehow, not at all! Gillian said that she is excellent at “compartmentalizing.” She noted that it was as not hard for her to get to a point where she could forget her opinion of Thatcher’s policies and only focus on her as a politician, mother, and human being.

Gillian Stated that even though she has the opportunity to draw People’s attention to things, she chooses not to comment. Gillian very rarely expresses her political opinion on social media because, according to her, she is an actor, not a politician or a social worker.

The fourth installment of the Crown is returning on Netflix on 15th November.

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