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Michael Strahan is a very renowned personality in the film industry. The retired professional football player can now be viewed hosting the Good Morning Show (GMA) every day. Because he is a big name, he certainly catches many people’s interests. And his girlfriend Kayla Quick was catapulted into the sun for the same reason. The two of them were first seen in 2015 and since then have been together. 

So how much do you know about Kayla Quick ? If not more, then we are here for you as we gather her age, height, weight, boyfriend, husband, children profile the particulars of her life along with the Net Worth collected in 2021. Have a look below:

Real Name:Kayla Quick
Nick Name:Kayla
Birth Place:Port Charlotte, Florida, US
Date of Birth:October 17, 1989
Height:170 cm
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Father’s Name:Gerald Alan Quick
Mother’s Name:Mary Kay Quick
School:Home Schooled
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Body Shape:Curvy
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Martial Status:Married
Boyfriend:Michael Strahan
Profession:Social Media Personality
Net Worth:Under Review
Last Updated:2021

Kayla Quick Early Life & Education:

Besides her relationship with the well-known name Michael Strahan, the young Kayla is little known. But we’ve succeeded in getting some information.

Quick was born in the town of Port Charlotte, Florida, USA. Similarly, her father is the Missouri-originated Gerald Alan Quick, and even the former U.S. military and Mary Kay Quick is her mother. While the occupation of her mother is unknown but she is a survivor of cancer.

Soon grew up alongside her sister Kara Lee Quick, rather than her parents. In contrast to her, Kara is a chef and, from time to time, serves as a model in her hometown. Similarly, Kayla is a white ethnic American who is born in the United States. She practices Christianity concerning her faith.

As we have said above, the childhood of Kayla is a mystery. But her infancy was not rainbows and roses from what we hear. Kayla completed her schooling in her homeschool and then completed her graduation, but the particulars of her college life are unclear until now.

Kayla Quick Age, Height, Weight and Body Measurements:

Kayla Fast is a magnificent lady in her 31s. She was born in 1989 on the 17th of October. In addition, her zodiac sign is Libra, and it is recognized that the citizens of this sign are beautiful, media-oriented, and an exceptional communicator.

Michael Strahan’s girlfriend stands 5 feet 7 inches high, equal to 170 cm. Unlike the height, the public also does not know her other body dimensions like weight and other measurements. Yet, the magnificent curve she possesses is not to be denied. Quick’s two-piece flames were seen in one of the couple’s holiday pictures. Kayla’s a beautiful, long blonde woman with stunning blue eyes.

Kayla Quick Arrest Warrants:

Quick was arrested twice in her teenage days during her infancy. The first came at the age of 14. This occurred in her hometown of Port Charlotte, Florida when Kayla got into fighting.

The next detention also took place when she was 18 years of age. The reason she broke into the house of her dying grandma and stole $6,000 worth of jewels. Ms. Margaret’s neighbors told her about the theft, ignoring the incident which just happened.

The neighbors said Quick broke the older woman’s home. They also said that Kayla was with Justin Hundley, her high school sweetheart. She was captured immediately after that.

Kayla Quick Professional Career:

The knowledge about her work and occupation is all in the dark at this time, as much as we want. But Kayla used to work as a stripper before coming out in the public light.

Described as a “bright girl gone wrong,” Kyala was just a high school bachelor. Once, she explained in an interview how she shifted like a light turned, bringing about her abrupt transformation.

Kayla worked in a strip club named “Thee Doll House.” She worked four whole months in Tampa, Florida. Quick served as a cocktail waitress before she met Michael Strahan. The young Kayal paid around $2000 a week, according to many sources. Her way into customers’ hearts was charming.

Moreover, it was not only her that got into a struggle with the law. If you look nearly, her family has a history of perpetrating crimes. Kayla’s father, Gerald, obeyed for his crime 20 times for several causes.

Her sister did not come far from it either. In December 2008, little Quick followed time for ownership of controlled substances such as Stilnox and Xanax. No details on Kayla’s current work or profession have meanwhile been obtained. She seems to love her life right now.

Kayla Quick Net Worth:

With 15 years as a defensive New York Giant player and winning a super bowl in his final season, Michael Strahan has finished his NFL career. The soccer player took a job as an analyst on the Fox NFL Sunday, immediately afterward.

While the job is hectic for his personal life, it was lucrative for his pocket. Michael Strahan now has an incredible net value of $65,000,000. However, his new mate, the net value of Kayla, can’t be identified at the same time. It seems that the matters concluding her financial status are still uncertain along with her personal and professional life.

Kayla Quick Relationship with Michael Strahan:

It is undeniable that Kayla has only received the public’s attention because of her connection with Michael Strahan, the former football player.

How could they not? Seeing that the two showed their affection for each other without guilt. The pair appears to have been looking further into it since 2015. The couple, however, allegedly met for the first time at a bar in Port Charlotte, where Quick was a waitress.

In addition, in the Super Bowl 2015 after-party, they were first spotted together. At the time, many asked who Kayla was and grabbed more deeply into her story. Since then, both of them have lived a happy life steadily. Quick often seems at the moment to have a subtle relationship.

Kayla Quick Boyfriend Michael Strahan Quick Facts:

In most countries, Michael Strahan is now a household name. Strahan hosts Good Morning America and co-hosts his spinoff with his co-stars Sara and Keke, one of the hardest working people on T.V.

Likewise, Strahan also has his daytime talk show named Live! With Kelly and Michael with Kelly Ripa. He entertained the show from 2012 to 2012 and even persuaded Daytime Emmy Awards twice.

However, in 2016, the renowned hosts went to GMA full time. Michael didn’t start as a television celebrity despite his success on T.V. Many do not know this, but Michael is a forerunner who spent 15 years playing the National Football League’s New York Giants (NFL).

Michael Strahan Past Relationships:

Kayla’s past before the light reached her at present is a mystery. Yet Michael’s life is there to see everyone. Strahan used to be a married man before he was romantically involved with Kayla Quick.

Initially, his first woman, Wanda Hutchins, married the former football player, with whom he ended his relationship in 1996. He has two kids with her, Tanita, who is twenty-three, and Michael Jr., 20.

Strahan continued to marry Jean Muggli following divorce in 1999. Sophia and Isabella were received together by the pair. But the pair began having difficulties with their marriage after two years of birth. And as a result, they part their ways.

Some may have quit, but Michael isn’t among them, after too many failed ties. Shortly after their divorce, he began to meet Eddie Murphy’s former partner, Nicole.

It wasn’t long before they got involved in what happened in 2009. Unfortunately, they did not go together, and in August 2014, they ended their partnership. They explained that it was their busy lives that led to their breakup.

Kayla Quick Social Appearance:

While rumors are widespread, Kayla Quick isn’t currently involved in social media activities.


Kayla Quick is known as being the girlfriend of former Pro football player Michael Strahan. She and Micahel Strahan were found with their full PDA in several places that sent the gossip factory buzzing about who Kayla is and when it happened.

Recently, the pair had a holiday on the beach in St Bart’s and played together with some random kids.

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