JumpStart Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Storyline, And Everything You Need To Know!

Jumpstart is an upcoming CBS series based on the Famous Robb Armstrong comic strip of the same name. Wayne Conley, famous for writing The Best Man series, adapts the series from the CBS and Aaron Kaplan studios. Based on the 80s comic strip, the series portrays the love of an African American couple who, amidst their differences, aim to balance each other.

Conley is expected to executively produce the series alongside Kaplan, Melanie Frankel (Kapital Entertainment), and Bridget McMeel (Armstrong Producer). This is not the first time the Jumpstart series has been adapted for the screen, as a similar attempt was made in 2014. Kapital premiered with Bothe Armstrong and McMeel, and they will revisit the series adaptation and make it slightly better than the previous.

Jumpstart Season 1 Release Date:

The CBS drama has been slated for a 2022 release date, but so far, they are yet to give a specific date on when we get to binge on the black love drama series. The possible release date for the Jumpstart is either before the year ends or before mid-2023.

Jumpstart Season 1 Plot:

The Jumpstart series is based on the 1989 comic strip that explores the trials, challenges, and strengths of an African American Couple living in Philadelphia. The two couples, Joe and Marcy, try to love each other unconditionally while still balancing the many imbalances that come with life. The two are in different careers; Marcy, a nurse, and Joe, a policeman; despite their work differences and schedules, they try hard to complement each other and raise their two children.

Armstrong, the series writer, explained that the series is based on real-life scenarios and not just fiction. He explains that the image others have of the black couple is skewed, and he wanted to portray black love as it is, not some stereotypes on the internet.

Jumpstart Season 1 Cast:

Now that CBS is yet to unveil the characters that will be featured in the series, can you think of your favorite African American couple that you may want to be featured in the show? My favorite go-to Couple is Beth and Randall in the “This is Us” show. They are not your perfect couple, and even while fighting, they reconcile in a place of love. Beth is a dance teacher, while Randall is a Senator who started as a weather commodity trader.

The two balance each other out, and they could be the spot-on characters to play the Jumpstart series. Beth could play Marcy, the nurse, while Randall could play Joe, the policeman. Since this is just a wish, we will have to wait for CBS to give us the final update on their character choices.

Jumpstart Season 1 Trailer:

CBS is yet to release the trailer for the upcoming series, and at the moment, we can hope that the trailer will come soon enough. The series has been slated for a 2023 release, and the trailer will show before then. You may also want to watch other shows that delve into black couple dynamics. The series that perfectly depict black love are: This is Us, A Million Little Things, and Queen Sugar.

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