Jillian Spaeder: Actress, Age, Family, Relationship, Career, and Net Worth

Jillian Spaeder is a notable Actress. She plays Bailey on the Disney XD show of the same name. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and her passion has always been for show business. Spaeder first took to the stage as a soloist in his primary school and community theater productions. In 2015, she made her first TV appearance in an episode of “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn,” in which she played the role of McKenna. Later, she played a few different roles in the comedy ‘OMG!,’ and in 2016, she made her feature debut in ‘Theatre and Me, the Bully,’ which won several awards. The same year, she landed her breakout part in the comedy classic “Walk the Prank.” She aspires to be a vocalist and practices her craft by singing backup for her parents’ band, Crow’s Feet. So, now let’s discuss Jillian Spaeder’s life and net worth.

Jillian Spaeder Early Life:

Jillian was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 27, 2002. Moreover, we only have detailed information regarding Jillian’s early life.

Jillian Spaeder Education:

Jillian Spaeder began taking classes at John D’Aquino’s Young Actors Studio and working with private acting teachers. In addition, she attended Gray Studios and The Actors Comedy Studio for training.

Jillian Spaeder Family:

Jillian Spaeder was born to parents Bill and Sharon in Philadelphia. Her mother is a writer, and her father is a software developer. Evan and Emma are Spaeder’s elder brothers and sisters.

Jillian Spaeder Zodiac Sign:

Jillian Spaeder was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 27, 2002, and is 20 years old as of 2023. Moreover, as per our research, Jillian’s zodiac sign is Libra.

Jillian Spaeder Physical Stats:

The precise body measurement of Jillian Spaeder is tabulated as given below:

Jillian Spaeder Relationship Status:

Jillian Spaeder has astounded a large following. People adore Jillian for her immaculate sense of style. However, Jillian managed to stay in eminent shape. Also, many fans wonder if Jillian is single or married. According to our investigation, there are no authentic reports about Jillian’s romantic life.

Jillian Spaeder Career:

Jillian Spaeder rose to prominence as a notable Actress. Spaeder’s passion for music has been innate, given his upbringing in a creative family. Both of her parents had significant impacts on her musical development and preferences. She was already a singer at a young age. Her interest in performing developed much later. She made her acting debut as Flea in a performance of “Cinderella: A Musical Panto” at the People’s Light & Theatre Company shortly after enrolling at Sugartown Elementary School. The girl was only 11. The following summer, she attended a seminar in Hollywood geared towards the performing arts, where she met her boss. She was so taken with Spaeder’s talent that she volunteered to be his agent. Also, it was her idea for Spaeder and her parents to relocate to California’s entertainment capital, Los Angeles. Spaeder auditioned for some roles during her two months in Hollywood.

In the 2015 episode, “Unhappy Campers” from Season 2 of the Nickelodeon comedy series “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn,” Jillian Spaeder made her acting début as McKenna. She moved on to ‘OMG!’ where she could portray multiple roles. She made her film début in 2016’s “Theatre and Me’s the Bully,” directed by Marcus A. Siler. After that, she joined the cast of “Walk the Prank,” an American comedy show about four kids who attempt to pull pranks on strangers. On April 1, 2016, Disney XD broadcasted the show’s premiere episode. Spaeder has played the lead role of Bailey in all 51 of the show’s segments. It is airing on Disney Channel and Disney XD for the third season.

Jillian Spaeder Social Appearance:

Jillian Spaeder is active on various social media platforms. You can track Jillian on the following portals: [Instagram and Twitter].

Jillian Spaeder Net Worth:

The market value of Jillian Spaeder’s assets is known as her net worth, and Jillian Spaeder’s wealth equals the value of her assets. You have heard a lot about Jillian Spaeder and are intrigued by the rumors surrounding Jillian’s wealth. It has been estimated that Jillian Spaeder is worth around 1 Million dollars.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who is Jillian Spaeder?
Jillian Spaeder is a notable Actress.

Q2. Who is the spouse of Jillian Spaeder?
Jillian Spaeder is currently single.

Q3. What is the net worth of Actress Jillian Spaeder?
The net worth of Jillian Spaeder is $1 Million.

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