Caleb Coffee: TikTok, Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth !

Caleb Coffee, born on March 28, 2005, is a viral sensation for his prank and lip-synced films on the TikTok app. He comes up from a long line of distinguished Internet figures. So, Let’s talk about Caleb’s life and fortune now.

Childhood of Caleb Coffee:

Full Real Name Caleb Coffee
Family Name Coffee
Profession TikToker
Date Of Birth March 28th, 2005
Age 16 years old
Birthday March 28th
Year Of Birth 2005
Nick Name Not Available
Current Residence California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christianity

The birthplace of Caleb Coffee is California. However, he was born in Los Angeles on March 28, 2005. His father, also well-known on the web, deserves the most credit for his son’s meteoric climb to fame. Before Caleb’s personal Vine account was deleted, he had over 200 thousand followers. As a result of his endearing prank films, he has gained a legion of devoted followers. Furthermore, we know very little about his formative years.

Caleb Coffee Education:

Highest Qualification High Schooler
University Not Relevant
College Not Relevant
High School Not Available

According to rumors, Caleb may be enrolled in one of the neighborhood schools. In one of his videos, he told his viewers that he would stop attending a traditional university and instead enroll in online courses. Furthermore, we will expand this site as soon as we obtain any trustworthy information on the matter.

Caleb Coffee Family:

Father Jason Coffee
Mother Chassy Coffee
Grandfather Under Research
Grandmother Will Update

The US state of California is where Caleb Coffee was born. It turns out that Caleb Coffee is not even his true name. His mother, Chassy Coffee, is a stay-at-home parent, and his dad, Jason Coffee, is also a well-known internet figure. The year 2003 marked their wedding year. Isaac Coffee and Patey Coffee are the names of his two brothers and sisters. They’re all internet celebrities. Further, we will update this post if we find any new, credible details concerning his online persona.

Caleb Coffee Zodiac Sign: 

Sun Sign Aries
Star Sign Aries

As of the year 2022, 17-year-old Caleb Coffee is among us. He’s a Californian teenage celebrity with a lot of fame. On March 28th, we celebrate his birth. As far as the stars are concerned, he is an Aries. His nationality is that of the United States. The Caucasian label fits him well when discussing his race.

Caleb Coffee Body Measurements:

Weight In Kg 45 kg
Weight In Lbs 99 lbs
Height In Feet 5′ 3″
Height In Meter 1.6 m
Measurement 32-25-30
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Tattoo No

Caleb Coffee stands at a good 5 feet, 3 inches. The 45-kilogram mark is where he stands. His eyes are blue, & his hair is a rich brown. A 7.5 in American size fits him perfectly. The idea of tattooing his body at such a young age is repulsive. He appears handsome and dashing in his Instagram images, and he will surely grow into a striking guy in the future.

Relationship Status of Caleb Coffee:

Marital Status single
Partner Name Luara Fonsica
Relationship Status Dating

The name Caleb Coffee is synonymous with fame on social media. People adore him for his perfect sense of style. His official Instagram account also has several photographs and videos of him. But other than that, Caleb Coffee maintained excellent physical condition.

Also, many people wonder if Caleb Coffee is single or married. According to our research, Luara Fonseca is Caleb Coffee’s girlfriend. However, it could be just conjectured as he is too young to date a girl. We will update you on his girlfriend and dating as we acquire official information on it. Caleb Coffee is too young and single to be a father. Therefore, describing his family would be pointless.

Caleb Coffee Profession:

With his meteoric rise to fame, Caleb Coffee became a household name because of his popularity on social media.

Credit for Caleb Coffee’s growth on social platforms goes to his father, Jason’s blossoming profession on social media. Through his dad’s following, Caleb was first presented to the public, and eventually, he amassed over 200k followers on the video-sharing platform Vine. Caleb found new fame on TikTok and Instagram after the shutdown of Vines. He has over 100 million likes on his videos and over 4 million followers on TikTok. Plus, he has over 1.3 million people following him on Instagram. His humorous TikTok videos and prank videos are quite popular. In conclusion, Caleb Coffee has what it takes to make it big as a paid Social Media Influencer.

Caleb Coffee Social Appearance:


Caleb Coffee is a well-known Internet celebrity with a large fan base. In addition, his @caleb coffee Instagram account is extremely popular, with over 1.2 million followers. You can also follow Caleb on Twitter at @caleb coffee.

How Much Net Worth Does Caleb Coffee Have?

Net Worth $500 Thousand
Source Of Income TikToker

A person or organization’s net worth represents the total of all assets times their respective market values. Caleb Coffee’s net worth is equal to the sum of his assets. This means there is no difference between your net and net worth.

Also, you have recently heard a lot about Caleb Coffee and are curious about his financial situation. In such a case, you may rely on the information provided on our site to be crucial.

As of 2022, Caleb Coffee has a total net worth of USD 500,000. He has amassed considerable wealth due to his successful career as a Social Media Personality. Nevertheless, for someone of his age, that’s a considerable sum. Moreover, we hope for the best for him in all his future pursuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Caleb Coffee?

Caleb Coffee, born on March 28, 2005, is a viral sensation for his prank and lip-synced films on the TikTok app.

How tall is Caleb Coffee, and how much does he weigh?

Caleb Coffee stands at a good 5 feet, 3 inches. The 45-kilogram mark is where he stands. His eyes are blue, and his hair is a rich brown.

Who is Caleb Coffee’s wife?

The lady in Caleb Coffee’s life is named Luara Fonseca. Since he is still too young to date, these may just be rumors.

What is Caleb Coffee’s net worth?

As of 2022, Caleb Coffee has a total net worth of USD 500,000. The success of his TikTok videos has helped him amass a large fortune.

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