Griselda Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Want To Know!

Crime drug stories with female protagonists have to be the most badass genre. Series like Queen of the South have won viewers’ hearts despite having such tragic endings. Another crime story with almost the same plot is the Griselda series, a show based on the real-life stories of Griselda Blanco, the crime lord and a woman who built one of the biggest drug empires in history. She got so famous, earning her the Black Widow title. The upcoming show will feature Sophia Vergara, the model, and actress playing the series’ protagonist. Here is everything we know about the upcoming show.

Griselda Season 1 Release Date: When will it air?

Unfortunately, we have yet to determine how soon the Griselda series will be released, but we know it will be coming out early next year. The show filming has already wrapped up, and the series might be released in early 2023. The upcoming show will have six episodes, and so far, we have yet to determine whether they will be released simultaneously or weekly.

Griselda Season 1 Plot: What should fans expect?

Griselda Blanco is among the highest-ranking lords in the crime industry. Her name has appeared in the high and mighty list and even compared to some of the biggest crime lords to go down in history, like Pablo Escobar, Osiel Cardenas, Al Capone, and El Chapo. With her series coming to the screen, it is unclear whether the show will stick closely to her real-life stories or be tweaked. According to the logline released by Netflix, the upcoming show follows the life of Griselda, a mom who has managed to create the biggest crime cartels in history. Her lethal combination soon enough gains her recognition, and she is termed the Black Widow.

Griselda Season 1 Cast: Who will appear?

The Griselda series features some acclaimed casts, including Sofia Vergara, who stars as Griselda Blanco, the series protagonist. Vergara was once the highest-paid actress and model, and she has featured in series like Chasing Papi, Meet the Browns, Madea Goes to Jail, Modern Family, The Smurfs, New Year’s Eve, Hot Pursuit, Happy Feet Two, and many others. She will be casting alongside Alberto Guerra as Dario, Vanessa Ferlito as sable, Alberto Amman (The Longest Night) as Alberto Bravo, Christian Tappan as Arturo, and Diego Trujillo as German Panessso. Other casts include Paulina Davila as Carmen, Gabriel Sloyer as Diaz, Julian Aiden as June, Martin Rodriguez as Rivi, Jose Zuniga as Amilcar, Maximiliano as Papo, Julieth Restrepo as Marta Ochoa and Joe Finfera as Lawyer.

Griselda Season 1 Trailer: When can we expect?

A trailer for the Griselda series is yet to be released, and currently, we do not know just how soon the trailer will be available. The crime drama series was expected to wrap up on June 30th, and so far, we are still waiting to receive updates regarding the show’s filming starts. If the series did wrap up filming, you should expect the show’s trailer to be released either this year or early next year before the series premiere. As you wait for the series trailer, here are several other shows you may want to check out on Netflix. One of the similar shows is Narcos, and you will need a subscription to binge on the crime drama.

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