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Charles Batchelor, or “Grian” as he’s known on YouTube and the Hermitcraft server, is an English Minecraft content creator and player. He went by the name “Xelqua” for a while. In addition to his work on the enormously successful Minecraft massively multiplayer online game WynnCraft, he is also well-known for his involvement with the project. So, now let’s discuss Grian’s life and his net worth.

Grian Early Life:

Full Real Name Charles
Family Name None
Profession YouTuber
Date Of Birth August 9th, 1993
Age 27 years old
Birthday August 9th
Year Of Birth 1993
Nick Name Charles
Current Residence England
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

Grian was born in England, the United Kingdom, on August 9, 1993. Surprisingly, there is very little background knowledge available in his early years. Based on what we gathered, he has a sibling pair of a brother and a sister, albeit their identities remain unknown now.

Grian Education:

Highest Qualification Graduated
University Not Known
College Not Found
High School Unknown

We are straightaway searching for info about Grian’s school education and graduation. Besides, we will amplify Grian’s post as soon as we have any trustworthy facts on this subject.

Grian Family:

Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brothers Not Any
Sisters Not Known
Grandfather Not
Grandmother No

Grian has never unveiled any facts about his parents, siblings, or family personnel. Besides, we will overhaul this post if we get any definitive information about this Youtuber.

Grian Zodiac Sign:

Full Real Name Charles
Family Name None
Profession YouTuber
Date Of Birth August 9th, 1993
Age 27 years old
Birthday August 9th
Year Of Birth 1993
Nick Name Charles
Current Residence England
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

Grian was born in England, the United Kingdom, on August 9, 1993, and is 29 years old as of 2022. Moreover, as per our research, Grian’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

Grian Physical Stats:

The precise body measurement of Grian is tabulated as given below:

Weight In Kg 60 kg
Weight In Lbs 132 lbs
Height In Feet 5 feet and 6 inches
Height In Meter 1.67 m
Measurement 35-24-35
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Tattoo No

Grian Relationship Status:

Sons Not Any
Daughters Not Any
Marital Status married
Partner Name Yes (Name: Unknown)

The wedding date for Grian was August 15, 2020. The ceremony that united Grian and his wife, Majo Ellen, was private and close to home. Despite widespread curiosity, he has kept his wife’s identity secret. The event was a huge success; the weather cooperated, and everyone had a great time. His two feline friends, Maui and Pearl, are his pets. 

Grian Career:

Grian rose to prominence as a famous Youtuber. Before starting his YouTube channel, Grian ran a Minecraft server at, where players could play a variety of minigames, including one called “Survive the Disasters.” Unfortunately, we had to turn off the server since we ran out of money. Grian made the game TNT run, which has become widely played on minigame servers like Hypixel. And he’s the one who made the wildly popular “Drawing… Badly” and “Build Swap” minigames.

Despite beginning his channel in late 2009, Grian did not see significant growth until 2014. In 2015, he gained a thousand new followers. He had already built a successful career before YouTube even existed. Grian’s YouTube career began in 2011 when he joined CraftedMovie, a Minecraft movie channel that ran until 2015. Though the channel’s first lineup featured only a handful of actors, Grian was invited to join the CraftedMovie crew and eventually accepted the position of the set builder.

After the company’s first launch, CraftedMovie welcomed several new members, including Grian. After working on the production side for a while, he appeared in videos as his character, sporting a skin based on Link from The Legend of Zelda built in Minecraft.

CraftedMovie catapulted Grian to fame as a web celebrity. CraftedMovie was one of the first channels to include cinematic-style videos in Minecraft, and it quickly became one of the most popular.

The first public video of Grain appeared on YouTube on January 1, 2015. Years later, the general comedy of the videos dropped, and the channel’s number of subscribers depleted fast. Due to YouTube’s algorithms, the channel wasn’t particularly profitable. Therefore some employees, including Grian, decided to pursue other opportunities, such as Grian’s channel. Almost overnight, his channel surpassed CraftedMovie in subscriber count.

CraftedMovie’s demise and Grian’s rise to prominence as a YouTube personality coincided with the creation of the massive Minecraft MMORPG server project known as Wynncraft, which Grian led.

Between the decline of CraftedMovie and the meteoric rise of his own YouTube channel, Grian and his collaborators devoted most of their time to the massive project known as Wynncraft. It was a huge hit, and users of Minecraft who enjoy MMOs flocked to it. In light of Tommyinnit’s recent appearances on Wynncraft, the popularity of that server has skyrocketed.

The initial core of Grian’s limited viewership was comprised primarily of Wynncraft residents; nonetheless, the channel quickly gained traction thanks to the support of the Wynncraft community. Some Wynncraft players are upset that Grian, a significant leader in the community before his YouTube channel took off, has stopped paying as much attention to Wynncraft in favor of YouTube.

Despite this, Wynncraft has grown to become Minecraft’s most popular MMORPG, boasting an impressive 2 million active users. Even as late as August this year, Wynncraft was still the largest Minecraft MMORPG.

Grian stated through Twitter that he was leaving the Evo server on August 17, 2018, shortly after updating to version 1.7 of the game. He explained that he no longer found the experience enjoyable but had loved his time on the server overall. Upon announcing his departure, he left fans with one final SMP episode, his longest-running show on the network as of August 2018.


In Hermitcraft, Grian is one of the few invited YouTubers. Grian first appeared in episode 6 and has been a consistent presence.

Grian Social Appearance:

Grian is also vigorous on various social media platforms. You can track Grian on the following portals:


Grian Net Worth:

Net Worth $3 million
Assets Under Review
Annual Earnings More than $500 thousand

The market value of an individual or organization’s asset is known as his net worth, and Grian’s wealth equals the value of his assets. The same can be said monetarily, and Grian’s net worth is the sum of all his money. In addition, you have heard a lot about Grian and are intrigued by the rumors surrounding Grian’s wealth. It has been estimated that Grian is worth around 7.7 Million dollars.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who is Grian?

Grian is a notable Youtuber.

Q2. Who is the spouse of Grian?

Grian is engaged to Majo Ellen.

Q3. What is the net worth of Youtuber Grian?

The net worth of Grian is USD 7.7 Million.

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