The Great British Baking Show Season 8/Series 11 – All The Updates!

There were rumors in the air that the show is canceled, but it returned to give entertainment with yummy cakes and nail-biting competition. It was not easy to produce the show amid the Coronavirus pandemic, but the creators were one step ahead, and they planned everything. The fanbase of The Great British Baking Show or The Great British Bake-off (original name) is phenomenal, and it is rated 8.6 on IMDB. People love to watch these selected home bakers show their talent in weekly challenges. Weekly challenges and tasks also mean weekly eliminations. The last man or woman standing is the winner of the show. The show is grand, and so is the venue. This show always takes place in some luxurious grand mansions or historically rich locations. Where was the filming done this time? How did it become possible and showed up on channel 4? We have all your answers!

Great British Baking Show Season 8: How did the filming become possible?

They really worked hard; we have to give it to every single one of them. The filming was slated to start in July, and all the contestants and team members had to quarantine themselves for fourteen days. All of them went nuts when one someone in the set began to show symptoms of the virus. He/she was tested immediately, and the reports came negative, the shooting froze for some time. Director exclaimed that they were lucky!

Furthermore, the Production staff of 120 people was living in a self-contained biosphere for almost six weeks. They all were isolated! Only through elimination, they got to go home and meet their families. Kieran Smith said that it would have been impossible without the plan. 

Great British Baking Show Season 8: Who are the contestants?

The competition among contestants in this season will be of a whole new level. They won’t get to go home for a single day of the week and will stay in “Bake Off Bubble.” So who are our contestants on season 8? These are all the contestants.

1. Dave

2. Laura

3. Loriea

4. Hermine

5. Linda

6. Lottie

7. Marc

8. Makbul

9. Mark

10. Peter

11. Sura

12. Rowan

The Great British Baking Show Series 11: Who is on the judge’s seats?

We know it might be the dream job of many of you just to eat delicious dishes and get paid. But not everyone gets that blessing. We once again have Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith to critics the yummy food that looks delicious. You might get to see Hollywood handshakes and definitely some expressions that give chills to the chefs.

Great British Baking Show Season 8 Judges

Who is our host? Is someone leaving?

If you liked the hosting of Sandi Tomsvig, we have bad news for you. She is no more host of the show as she has left for another work. She said that Bake Off is not easy to handle, and she had the best time of her life working with all the Bake Off family members. In The Great British Bake Show, we have Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding as the host. We are expecting Matt Lucas to make us laugh and not make the contestants sad on their elimination.

The Great British Baking Show 2020: Where is it filmed?

As the name suggests, the filming takes place in England, but where precisely in England? This show always chooses grand mansions as the set. You can see the history; filming once took place at Fulham Palace, Harptree Court in Somerset, Valentines Mansion in Redbridge. This season is filmed at Down Hall. Not only the filming took place there, but the Production company booked the whole Down Hall Hotel, Bishop’s Stortford, U.K. It was done to ensure everyone’s safety, and let us tell you, this hotel is gorgeous, and we hope that its beauty encouraged the team to go on. The beautiful woodlands and gardens are breathtaking!

The Great British Baking Show 2020: Do we have a trailer? Where to watch the show?

Yup, there is a trailer, and it is exciting. You can watch it to develop an idea for the show. If you are in the U.S., the show I available on Netflix, and every episode lands on Netflix after three days of its premiere in the U.K., so what are you waiting for, Netflix and Chill?

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