Ghostwriter Season 2: Apple TV Plus Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details!

When we hear about ghosts, we always imagined them as scaring creatures. Despite that, if I tell you, there is a ghost in the town who doesn’t scare you but helps in solving mysteries. Yes, you read right we are talking about 90’s famous character Ghostwriter comes back with a new avatar. 

Apple Tv+ aired Ghostwriter reboot(season 1) titled ‘The Next Chapter’ on November 1, 2019, written and directed by Luke Matheny. Now Apple Tv+ is returning with the children’s fantasy-mystery series Ghostwriter season 2. This series brings the book characters into kids’ lives and unlocks the magic with its new season. 

The original show Ghostwriter included three seasons, season 1 aired on October 4, 1992, with the final season, which aired in February 1995 on PBS. The Ghostwriter was created by Liz Nealon and produced by the Sesame Workshop and BBC television

By the end of the original series, Ghostwriter ranked in the top five American kids’ television series. The IMDB gave it a rating of 5.3 out of 10, which is neither good nor bad. Because the people of all ages do not like this show, mainly aimed for 8-12 age group children. This show was nominated ten times and won a Daytime Emmy award

Ghostwriter Season 2 Storyline: What is it about?

The original story is based on a group of friends from Brooklyn team up as investigators who unravel the mysteries and crimes with the help of a ghost called ‘Ghostwriter’. The Ghostwriter supported the kids with words and sentences to solve mysteries by manipulating the letters and texts around him. In each episode, they solved new crimes with the help of the Ghostwriter. 

The reboot followed the same motive and focused on four kids Ruben, Chevon, Curtis, and Donna. When they found their neighborhood bookstore is haunted, visited the bookstore, and befriended the ghost. The Ghostwriter started releasing the fictional characters from books into real life. The kid’s teamed up to solve exciting mysteries. Because they only saw the secret messages of the Ghostwriter. 

The writer of the series stated about the storyline in his interview 

“You might see something that rhymes with “Schmankenstein.” Then, there is a great YA novel about a girl who can see other people’s memories, which comes in very handy

with our kid heroes. They also contract that power, which helps them dig deeper into the mystery they’ve been trying to solve” 

Ghostwriter Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

The fantasy kids drama first season premiered in November 2019. It attracted mainly young viewers. The wait is over, the Ghostwriter will come with a more mysterious and adventurous storyline. Apple TV+ will release Ghostwriter season 2 with new episodes on Friday, October 9, 2020. 

Ghostwriter Season 2 Cast: Who will be in?

Not much is known about the cast of the show. The main characters are still the same in season 2. But the rest of the characters are not confirmed yet. The main leads are four kids: 

  • Isaac Arellanes as Ruben Reyna 
  • Amadi Chapata as Chevon Redmond 
  • Hannah Levinson as Donna Palmer-Moreno 
  • Justin Sanchez as Curtis Palmer-Moreno. 

Ghostwriter Season 2 Cast

Ghostwriter Season 2 Plot: What will happen?

In Season 2, the young ones will go to save their bookstore, and also figure out the true identity of the Ghostwriter. They’ll also explore more fictional characters, emerge from the pages of literature and try to solve more mysteries. The new season will bring more adventure among viewers. It’s a family viewing drama with terrific mystery and fantasies. 

Ghostwriter Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch it?

On September 24, the Apple TV+ channel uploaded the official trailer of the second season Ghostwriter on YouTube. It shows the literature characters who came in the real world, and the kids are going to solve the mysteries with their smartness. Here is the trailer of the season 2:

If you haven’t seen the show yet, do watch it and then check out its season 2 trailer on YouTube. From October 2020, continue the journey of Ghostwriter with Apple TV+. Till then, stay with us for updates.

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