Top 10 Famous Landmarks in USA!

Whether you have observed these wonders personally or not, you can assuredly see these miracles from any edge of the world. America’s most spectacular spots are responsible for describing an amazing past and unveiling an influential future of the country.

10. Statue Of Liberty

Location:Manhattan, New York
Official Name:The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World
Height:305 feet 1 inch
Sculptor:Frederic Auguste Bartholdi

In 1886, a copper statue was a gift of friendship from France people to the United States people. A French sculptor designed this statue, and Gustave Eiffel constructed its metal framework. In 1924, it was chosen as a National Monument. From 1993, National Park Service employees have been caring for it. It is a statue of the Roman liberty goddess, Libertas. In reality, it is a symbol of freedom and a tourist destination. No charge for entry, but tourists prefer a ferry ride from Battery Park to Liberty Island, climb 354 staircases to reach the top or crown of the statue. To access distinct corners, travelers have the tickets of spots, pedestal, or crown. Reserved your advance passes to go inside the statue.

Statue Of Lliberty

9. Lincoln Memorial

Location:Washington, D.C
Land:27,336 square feet
Architect:Henry Bacon

At the National Mall western end, the Lincoln Memorial is located to pay tribute to the United States 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. It is one of the Greek shrines and embodies his principle regarding people’s freedom and dignity. It includes a large seated image of Abraham Lincoln. This monument has 36 columns to represent each state and is divided into three chambers from inside. Abraham Lincoln’s images and paintings were placed on the memorial’s south side.

Lincoln Memorial

8. White House

Location:1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C
Land:55,000 square feet
Architect:James Hoban

Since 1800, each United States President’s official home and the workplace is the White House. When any President comes into the White House, the National Park Service gives $100,000 for redecorating, but some Presidents have an option to pay for re-decor own self. It’s the first family’s temporary residents, and they’re not enabled to pay property taxes. In the past, it has been recognized as the President’s Palace, President’s House, and Executive Mansion. In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt assigned the White House name to it.

White House

7. Yellowstone National Park

Location:Montana, U.S.
Land:2,219,791 acres

The first national park in the United States is Yellowstone National Park. U.S. Congress established it after passing the legislation by President Ulysses S. Grant. This park is recognized for its geothermal facts and wildlife. It is one of the largest high elevation lakes in the US. Yellowstone provides various fun activities, such as sightseeing, hiking, camping, fishing, and boating. In this park, several endangered creatures, such as Grizzly bears, herds of bison, wolves, and elk live. Tourists access the park during winter.

Yellowstone National Park

6. Times Square

Location:Midtown Manhattan, New York
Height:363 ft

One of the most visited Tourist destinations and busiest pedestrian locations in the world is Times Square. It is also called the Crossroads of the World, the heart of the Great White Way, the Center of the Universe, and the heart of the world. It is previously identified as Longacre Square and renamed Times Square in 1904. Its New Year’s Eve ball attracts lots of tourists every year. This place has been starred numerous times in books, films, tv shows, video games, and music albums. The best way to view Times Square is a double-decker bus night tour, Hard Rock Cafe, One Day Guide tour, and walking.

Times Square

5. Golden Gate Bridge

Location:San Francisco, California
Land:8,980 feet
Architect:Irving Morrow

Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long to adjoin San Francisco city to Marin County, California. After its completion, it is considered the longest suspension bridge span in the world. During its construction, its safety net saved the life of 19 people. On its opening day, 20,000 people crossed the bridge. The bridge’s middle dropped seven feet down on its 50 anniversary due to the crowd.

Golden Gate Bridge

4. Gateway Arch

Location:100 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, US
Architect:Eero Saarinen
Height:630 feet

The world’s tallest human-made monument, the Gateway Arch, is officially dedicated to the United States citizens. Dick Bowser, a none formal engineer, made a unique tram with some of the elevator’s part and some part of the Ferris wheel. There’s no permission for Presidents to visit the tram top except for President Eisenhower. Its recent renovation is most expensive than its original building cost.

Gateway Arch

3. Freedom Trail

Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Length:2.5 miles

A 2.5 long path of freedom trial has 16 historical sites and has a pedestrian walk to connect Boston’s local landmarks. It is also on the list of the best free things to do in Boston. The beginning of the trail starts from Boston Common then to the other historical spots Massachusetts State House, the Park Street Church, Granary Burying Ground, Kings Chapel, Kings Chapel Burying Ground, Benjamin Franklin Statue & Boston Latin School, Old Corner Book Store, Old South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, Old State House, the Paul Revere House, Site of the Boston Massacre, the Old North Church, Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, the Bunker Hill Monument, and the USS Constitution. Each place represents the history of the American Revolution.

Freedom Trail

2. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Location:111 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Architect:Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry designed the Los Angeles Music Center fourth hall. Walt Disney’s wife, Liliana Disney, donated 5p million dollars to give a tribute to her husband. It is a venue for L.A. philharmonic orchestra and home for classic, contemporary, jazz music. There are 2,265 seats for the audience.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

1. Brooklyn Bridge

Location:New York
Length6016 feet
Height:272 Feet
Sculptor:John Augustus Roebling

A hybrid suspension bridge between the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. At the time of its opening, it the lengthiest suspension bridge in the world. This bridge consumes steel for the first time for cable wire and used explosives in a pneumatic caisson during its formation. New York City Department of Transportation manages the Brooklyn Bridge. From both ways, the toll is free of cost.

Brooklyn Bridge

I hope this list has helped you know about America’s famous landmarks, and if you go to the United States, where do you roam or travel to view the beauty of the USA.

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