“Equal” : HBO Max Documentary Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Want To Know!

It is a changing world with new norms and human desires. Every single day we hear calls by various persons calling out social injustices and inequality. Humanity has been divided along sexual lines with camps hating each other. However, HBO Max and Scout production has come up with one of the best documentaries highlighting the plight and the fight for people considered as queer. The name says it all – EQUAL. The show is directed and run by the We Are X filmmaker – Stephen Kijak. This is the show that continues to advocate for equality despite our orientation.

 “Equal” Release Date : When will it air?

Various products have been slowed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Such products have either had to end their seasons prematurely or cancel the entire show like in the case of Treadstone. It is without a doubt that the pandemic threw a wrench into the entertainment industry. Although 2020 has had to be such a pain to many, HBO seems to have come to our rescue by announcing EQUAL release.

The show is set for release in October 2020. The release month coincides with the history Month of the LGBT group. The premier is meant to be a “binge drop.” There hasn’t been any news regarding the postponement of the release. 

Equal Release Date

 “Equal” Cast : Who will be in?

The cast will feature brilliant individuals in their own rights with the one objective; to fight for justice and equality for persons considered as queer. Some of the notable include; Cheyenne Jackson from the hit show The Performers, American actor and singer Anthony Rapp, former American football tight end Shannon Sharpe, and Jamie Clayton popular for her role in  The Snowman. They will also be joined by Heather Matarrazzo from Roseanne, Gale Harold, Isis King, Samira Wiley, and many more others.

 “Equal” Plot : What will Happen?

Set in the pro-stonewall uprising and post-war America, this show signs ups actors who will be able to exquisitely portray the revered LBTQ activists who relentlessly fight against the injustices meted on the queer people. Also, these activists advocate for the equal treatment of such persons. This is the relentless fight against discrimination based on how people are. These are a team of people who were able to influence American history through their relentless efforts.

Equal Plot

 “Equal” Trailer : When can we watch it?

The official trailer of this docuseries has not yet been released. Besides, since this is the season premiere, there isn’t much that one can predict about the show as a trailer is supposed to do. However, that has not stopped us from scouring through the internet for clues about how the show will turn out. According to the producers, the shows are going to capture the stories of the unsung heroes who made it possible for the LGBT + community to enjoy the rights they do today. 

“Equal” Storyline : What’s it about?

The life we live today, the benefits, the privilege we enjoy did not come to us overnight. Some unsung heroes had to sweat to get us to where we are now. However, they do did not do it overnight by they started someone. The EQUAL tells the story of these men and women leaders and unappreciated heroes who, before the stonewalling and after the American war, were able to influence the course of American history through activism positively.

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