Leverage Season 6 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And All The Latest Details You Need To Know!

This is a television show that first premiered in December 2008. With 77 episodes, the show was produced by Electric Entertainment. Under the leadership of Dean Devlin, the show managed to stay on the air for five seasons until 2012. Sadly, the ratings started plummeting and what followed was the axing of the show. The final episode aired on 25th December 2012. If you are a fan of action-crimes, comedy-drama, adventure or thrillers or all, this is definitely the show that will be worth your value and time. Although this TV show was canceled, some fans still believe that it was a great show worth renewal.

Leverage Season 6 Release Date : When will it air?

Let’s face it 2020 has been an extreme sport for many of us. It could actually go down as one of the worst years, but hey! IMDB TV is about to change that by announcing the renewal of the renewed season 6 of Leverage. Can the team of five add a little spice to 2020 for a happy year ending? Of course, they can. The drama, comedy, crime, and thrill are unmatched. 

Although the official release date has not been announced, fans continue to look for clues all over the internet. However, with the COVID pandemic throwing a spanner into many TV shows’ production plans, we might have to wait until maybe the end of 2021.

Leverage Season 6 Cast : Who can be in it?

Hit shows are about the great scripts and directors and the quality of the actors forming the cast. Leverage boasts of a cast of 5 amazing actors. The cast for the revival series has not been announcing, but we may have the same stars taking the leading roles they had. The show stars the amazing actress and director Beth Riesgraf, Gina Bellman, popular for her role in BBC comedy Coupling and the “The House Rule” hitmaker Christian Kane. However, Timothy Hutton will not be part of the cast since he is being accused of sexual assault; thus, he’ll be replaced by the 3-time Golden Globes nominee Noah Wyle. 

Leverage Season 6 Cast

Leverage Season 6 Plot : What will Happen?

United by one man – Ford (Timothy Hutton), a man who has suffered betrayal before. Hutton gets his revenge on his betrayer, but he doesn’t stop there. He partners with four other specialists (Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, & Thief) from various fields to pull off a heist. The series provides all the elements necessary for a heist. The heists are for the benefit of the less fortunate. Although the revival series plot hasn’t been announced, it’s probably going to be some Robin Hood story. 

Leverage Season 6 Plot

Leverage Season 6 Trailer : When can we watch it?

Due to the uncertainty of life after the pandemic and no announcement regarding the official release date, there is not a trailer for the revival series. However, we are sure that there are going to be 13 episodes in the coming season and a change in the cast. But hey! You can check out the previous seasons here: https://www.amazon.com/Leverage-Season-5/dp/B008LUC3K6

Leverage Season 6 Storyline :

This series is based on the Robin Hood kind of story. It revolves around a team of skilled professionals who team up together at the call of their leader, who was once betrayed to steal from many criminals. This is the classical doing the wrong thing for the right reason. Stealing from the rich crooks and giving it to the poor. The team is comprised of a hacker, grafter, hitter, thief, and the mastermind (Tim Hutton). Together they manage to bring down the most ruthless businessman in town down. This is definitely an edge of seat series! 

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