Elves Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details!

Christmas is always associated with festivities, time to make all your wishes to Santa, meeting families, making merry and having a good time. This is, however, not the case in the newly released Danish series. Written by Stefan Jaworski, the series Elves, initially titled” Nisser,” is a Christmas horror story of Josephine, the rather adventurous teen. Her adventures lead her to the elf and taking her in might be the start of a dangerous war that will kill her friends. The setting of the series is in a small town with rather creepy creatures and mythical characters. Will there be a second part to Josephine and the elf?

Elves Season 2 Release Date: When will it return?

The release date for this Christmas horror story is not yet confirmed. The first season premiered on 28th November 2021 on Netflix, and fans cannot help but wonder if the series will be renewed or canceled. Netflix confirmation of series usually takes a while, not for all series, though. Since the series only premiered a few weeks ago, it would be too soon to know if we get to see the second. Elves have a rating of 85 %on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7/10 on IMDb, which is a good sign. The positive responses and critics may see to the renewal of the series. If it gets renewed, we could expect the second season to have six episodes like the first one. The series being Christmas horror, it may be out by next year, just before Christmas.

Elves Season 2 Plot: What will happen next?

Elves Plot

Josephine and Caspar named the injured Elf Ki-Ko after nursing her to health. Soon after the elves realized one was missing, they began attacking them, and in the process, Josephine may have killed an elf accidentally. Willing to do everything to survive, we saw Karen give Josephine to the demons, but the squad, Ki-Ko, Caspar, and Liv, come to her rescue. Karen is eaten alive by the ghosts, Liv moves to Copenhagen, and Ki-Ko, the elf, leaves Josephine. If the series is renewed for the second season, we could get more answers on Josephine and her Elf in Copenhagen. With Josephine’s parents not wanting her to keep the elf, we will see what the future is for the two of them. Casper and Liv’s budding relationship would also be a pivotal plot to build on in the second season.

Elves Season 2 Cast: Who will be returning in second installment?

The first season saw the death of a few characters who won’t be returning for the second season, maybe as ghosts (pun intended). We expect most of the lead actors featuring in the second season of elves. Sonja Steen, the twelve years old will be back as Josephine. She takes in an elf, which will cause a disagreement between her and the parents. Milo Campanale plays Casper, Eder Thomas plays Mads. Viel Sogard may also be back to play s Muller. With some of the casts dead in season one, we could expect the series to feature new casts.

Elves Season 2 Trailer: When will it be out?

Netflix has not yet released the second season trailer, but in the meantime, fans can watch the trailer of season one. The first season trailer shows a family vibing to a Christmas song before the car they are in overturns. This might however be the start of a new beginning. The trailer of the series is on YouTube, but you can watch all ten season episodes on Netflix.

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