Dominic Gutierrez: Age, Height, Real Dad, WWE, Net Worth!

Dominic Gutiérrez is a notable American Professional Wrestler. Anyone who likes WWE has undoubtedly heard of the great professional wrestler Rey Mysterio Jr. In this post, we will discover more about his first-born kid and son, Dominic Gutiérrez. Moreover, he is most known for his ring moniker Dominic Mysterio.

The fighter was heavily inspired into wrestling by his father’s wrestling experience. Not to add, he had appeared in his father’s bouts when he was just six years old. Moreover, he was born into a family of wrestlers. Hence, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to claim that wrestling is in his blood and what he was intended to accomplish.

In addition, Dominic made his professional wrestling debut at SummerSlam in August of 2020. Despite losing his first bout against American wrestler Seth Rollins, he and his father joined together to defeat him at Payback.

As a result of the victory, Dominic earned his first WWE championship belt. Dom also has a strong relationship with his father, whom he looks up to as a role model. Gutierrez was selected Rookie of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2020, and his father was also selected in the 2020 SmackDown Draft. So, let you know more about Dominic Gutiérrez if you’re ready.

Dominic Gutierrez Childhood:

Full Real Name Dominik Gutiérrez
Family Name Gutiérrez
Profession Wrestler
Date Of Birth April 5th, 1997
Age 24 years old
Birthday April 5th
Year Of Birth 0
Nick Name Dominik
Current Residence N/A
Country USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mexican American
Religion Christian

Dominic Gutiérrez was born on April 5, 1997, in San Diego, California, the United States. When American professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero claimed to be Guitérrez’s biological father, the media and fans wondered who Dominic’s true father was. Before things went sour in their plot, Eddie and Rey were partners.

WWE Tag Team Championships were won again by the two of them working together. On the other hand, Eddie abandoned Rey and beat him up during a battle with M&M.

As a result, a conflict erupted between the two characters. Additionally, Guerrero stated that he was Rey’s biological father. Moreover, he decided to allow Mysterio to adopt Dominic since he struggled to create a family of his own.

Eddie warned the three-time World Champion that he might lose custody of Dominic in the coming weeks.

However, Rey retained custody of his kid after he defeated Guerrero in a ladder match. The custody documents were shown on the arena’s ceiling throughout the game.

After Eddie’s steel cage match victory against Rey, their feud was finally rested. Guerrero died shortly after that in a Minnesota hotel room. Mysterio paid a heartfelt tribute to him with a fiery speech on the same day.

Rey Mysterio is Dominic’s father, not Eddie Guerrero. The revelation mentioned above and the custody battle were only plot points in a larger tale. Furthermore, we don’t know much about Dominic’s early life.

Dominic Gutiérrez Education:

University Home university
College Southwestern College
High School San Diego high school

Dominic went to a well-known San Diego high school and graduated from his home to university. After that, he completed a pro-wrestling certification course to compete in WWE. The fighter’s father was a professional wrestler, and from an early age, he knew he wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Dominic Gutiérrez Family:

Father Scar Gutiérrez
Mother Angie Gutiérrez
Brothers N/A
Sisters Aalyah Gutiérrez
Grandfather N/A
Grandmother N/A
Relatives Name N/A

Dominic Gutierrez was born in San Diego, California. Scar Gutiérrez and Angie Gutiérrez are the parents of their son. His father, Rey Mysterio, is a legendary cruiserweight wrestler well-known worldwide. In addition, he has had a significant impact on the wrestling industry and WWE.

Rey Mysterio is well-known among professional wrestlers. In addition, he has held the World Heavyweight Championship twice and the WWE Championship once. To put it another way: scar has won the Intercontinental Championship four times, the United States Championship four times, the Tag Team Championship four times, and he was the Cruiserweight Champion three times.

Rey’s family looked up to him as a role model and inspiration. Moreover, Dominic would accompany his father into the ring to cheer him on. Furthermore, he debuted in WWE SmackDown at the minor age of six.

In addition, Dom is the great-grandson of Mexican professional wrestler and trainer Rey Mysterio Sr. Furthermore, there is an El Hijo de Rey Misterio and Konnan in his family tree and an El Hijo de Rey Misterio’s first cousin.

In June of this year, Aaliyah Gutiérrez, the wrestler’s younger sister, graduated from high school.

Dominic Gutiérrez Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 91 kg
Weight In Lbs 200
Height In Feet 6 feet 1 inch
Height In Meter 1.85
Measurement N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Shoe Size N/A
Tattoo N/A

Dominic, a professional boxer, takes excellent care of his physical and nutritional well-being.

As a result, Mysterio maintains a healthy weight and a well-defined body. In addition, he stands at 6 ft 1 in and weighs 200 lb, or 91 kg, in height. With dark hair and eyes, he seems to be older.

Dominic Gutiérrez’s Relationship Status:

Spouse Name Marie Juliette
Sons N/A
Daughters N/A
No Of Children N/A
Marital Status married
Partner Name N/A
Relationship Status N/A

Marie Juliette is Dominic’s spouse. They’ve known each other since junior high, and as a result, they’ve been best friends since high school. At their first meeting, Gutiérrez was just fifteen years old, and they had just celebrated nine years of marriage.

After passing her board certification test, Marie became a licensed professional nurse (LPN). She’s a medical professional who puts in long hours. Despite their very diverse backgrounds, the pair finds some common ground and fits in. In addition, their schedules aren’t always to their advantage.

The duo has maintained their relationship for the last nine years despite this. In addition, their mutual love, support, and trust elevated their relationship from the stage of adolescence to adulthood.

But they haven’t gotten engaged or married yet. Nevertheless, thanks to the couple’s patience, connection, and long-lasting romance, the wedding bells aren’t that far away.

Dominic and Marie are both happy with their current work situations. Thus, they are unable to arrange engagement parties or finalize wedding preparations.

Dominic Gutiérrez Career:

The wrestler made his second appearance on SmackDown after his father won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship title. When Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero battled for Dominick’s custody, Dominick was also present in the ladder match.

In addition, he saw his father’s first World Heavyweight Championship triumph. The nine-year-old Gutiérrez saw his father’s battle with Mr. Kennedy when he was nine years old. Another SmackDown show had Straight Edge Society arguing with Rey.

Debut in the WWE and Professional Career

Dominic made an appearance on SmackDown Live in 2019 when Rey Mysterio revealed that he would be facing Samoa Joe. He was also on Raw during the Samoan Express vs. Mysterio rivalry.

His father’s many dramas and battles were also a part of his life. Also interfering in his father’s battle against Brock, Lesnar was the third generation wrestler. Finally, after his father was injured with Seth Rollins and his allies, his responsibilities in the wrestling world intensified. He attempted to avenge his father’s death in the remainder of the narrative.

It was announced on August 3 that he would be making his professional MMA debut against Seth Rollins as part of the Summer Slam. After that, Rollins used Murphy to assault Dominick.

When Rollins defeated the wrestler in Payback, he was replaced by the guy’s wounded father. Rey Mysterio’s kid, however, was defeated by Rollins.

On Raw, a steel cage bout saw Seth avenge his previous loss against Dominick, which he won again. The daughter of Mysterio has feelings for Rollins’ partner Murphy, and it was revealed in a recent narrative twist. Furthermore, the Gutiérrez family was thrown into turmoil by the news. Murphy used this chance to defeat Dominic in a wrestling battle.

His father beat Seth in a No Holds Barred match after his SmackDown debut, ending their rivalry. They also got into another fight with King Corbin, father and son.

Dominic Gutiérrez Social Media:


Social media is a significant section of the WWE wrestler’s life. Thus, he has amassed a following of 387 K on Instagram.

Mysterio’s Instagram account is where he most often posts updates about his professional wrestling career. In addition, he shares tidbits about his life as a member of the Gutiérrez wrestling clan.

Dominic Gutiérrez Net Worth:

Net Worth $100,000 thousand
Assets N/A
Annual Earnings N/A
Source Of Income Wrestling

The total of Dominic Gutiérrez’s financial holdings and liabilities is known as his net worth. Dominic’s bank accounts, homes, automobiles, and money. In addition to Dominic Gutiérrez, stocks and bonds contribute to Dominic’s wealth.

As a result, you’ve lately heard about Dominic Gutiérrez and are eager to learn more about his fortune. So, let’s be clear: Mysterio’s riches come primarily from his work as a professional wrestler for the WWE. According to many accounts, he has a net worth of over $100,000.

Gutiérrez has many lucrative options for him now that he made his professional debut in 2020. In addition, he’s signed with WWE and has been picked by the SmackDown brand. Thus he has a promising career ahead of him.

However, the public and the media have no idea of his pay. On top of all that, many people estimate his father’s wealth to be in the vicinity of 12 million dollars. In addition, he has been involved in professional wrestling for more than three decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dominic the kid of Rey Mysterio?

Yes, Dominic is the biological son of Rey Mysterio.

During a wrestling competition, was Dominic Gutiérrez’s father arrested for the murder of another wrestler?

After Pedro Aguayo Ramirez’s death, Rey Mysterio was arrested and charged with manslaughter. Even though Ramirez was dead at the time, no one noticed it, and the combat went on as planned.

A few minutes later, Pedro was transported to the hospital, where doctors battled to bring him back from the brink of death. Doctors were unable to save Ramirez, so they declared him dead.

Is Dominic Gutierrez married?

No, Dominic Gutiérrez hasn’t tied the knot just yet. His high-school sweetheart, Marie Juliette, has been with him for nine years.

How much does Rey Mysterio make?

In 2021, the great wrestler earned $174,000 in pay.

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