Dancing with the Devil’ Star Demi Lovato Identifies As Pansexual And Wants to Adopt A Child!

Demi Lovato is opening up more about her sexuality. The 28-year-old singer spoke candidly to Joe Rogan for his podcast entitled, The Joe Rogan Experience, and she said she was proud to be an LGBTQ member. “I’m so fluid now, and it’s because I’m very close to that part of my fluidity,” she said. She felt like she feels today.

Then Rogan questioned, “You mean sexually fluid? Do you like girls? You like boys?” “Yeah, anything, really,” answered Lovato. Further, Demi Lovato is opening up her plans for her family to grow in the future. Lovato, 28, revealed she could adopt a child in the podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, in the Saturday episode.

When asked if she would like to have her children, she replied, “I used to. More than anything, I believe, I want to adopt.” The Camp-Rock star told Rogan about her past relationship with former Max Ehrich. “I do not know, and I was engaged to a man last year.” “I thought totally, perhaps pregnant now, I would be married. But this is not the situation now… I know my life doesn’t follow my plan.”

She kept on, “No life goes by any plan. There’s no life. So, I might sit here saying, yes, I’d love kids. But that could change next week, and I don’t know. I certainly want to adopt at this moment for sure.”

After opening up about its sexual fluidity in the past, the Dancing with the devil artist was identified as pansexual during the interview. “I don’t know whether I will end up with a guy either, so I really can’t even see myself becoming pregnant,” she added. “I don’t know that. I don’t know. I’m now so fluid, and part of it because I’ve been super closed off is why I’m so fluid.”

During her March coverage interview for Glamour, she previously said, ‘I liked it a lot more,’ I was ‘hooked up with a girl, and that had a better feeling. It was okay.” Lovato has recently promoted Demi Lovato: The Dancing with the Devil, her YouTube Originals docuseries in Ehrich, 29, and her overdose in 2018.

Recently she told PEOPLE that her “gladness is from within and no other source,” the most important thing she learned. “I must be grounded and satisfied alone.

Earlier this month, Demi Lovato confirm her collaboration with youngest richest actress Ariana Grande.

On the other side of the story, she was dated to Alex DeLeon for one year in 2008. She dated Trace Cyrus in 2009 for several months. Lovato dated briefly in 2010 her co-star Camp Rock Joe Jonas. Then Lovato had a relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama again, which was begun in August 2010 and ended in June 2016. In August of that year, she began to meet UFC athlete Luke Rockhold.

Lovato then came in the same month and broke up in July of that year with another UFC athlete, Guilherme Bomba Vasconcelos. At the end of 2018, Henry Levy dated briefly until March 2019. For a few months until the end of 2019, she dated Austin Wilson. Lovato’s commitment to actor Max Ehrich was announced on July 23, 2020. Four months earlier, they had started to date. But in September, the couple parted their ways, and now she is completely single.

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