DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Need To Know!

‘DeMarcus Family Rules’ is a 2020 sitcom and reality show centered on the daily life of one of the biggest stars (musicians) in the country.

This story focuses on a father (Jay DeMarcus), who is cut between being a perfect family man and a top professional. It focuses on how a normal family of four overcome daily challenges like hosting Thanksgiving dinner or planning a major family get-together. Jay DeMarcus, an Ohio native, played in numerous bands as a bassist before forming the Rascal Flatts band in 2000. The group’s debut single ‘ praying for daylight’ ranked No three on the Billboard in the country’s chart, and this band has also received a Grammy Nomination.

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2 Release Date: When it will air?

The first installment of this series was aired on Netflix on August 14th, 2020. This initial release received massive positive reviews and fans who are lovers of entertainment family dramas.

Season one of this reality show consists of six episodes that are 30min each. After the complete airing of season 1, viewers are now anxiously awaiting the second season’s arrival. However, no official statement in regards to season 2’s release has been made.

A possible renewal or cancellation of this show by Netflix has also not been stated. If the show meets the standard Netflix viewers’ expectations, this show will likely be back on screen in no time. Either way, if this sitcom gets renewed, we will be expecting DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2 to premiere in 2021.

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2 Trailer: When it is available?

As the sitcom just recently premiered on Netflix, no words have been given about a season 2 trailer. For the meantime, catch up on all the crazy details of season 1 in the trailer. 

Stay tuned to get updated when season two’s official trailer gets released.

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2 Plot: What to expect in it?

Met Jay DeMarcus, a family man, and an outcast  Rascal Flatts band bassist. Married to a TV personality and queen Allison DeMarcus. This couple is out to balance all aspects of their lives without attributing more importance to one more than the other.

The show showcases witty, unique, and super hilarious dramas that occur within the DeMarcus Family.

These couples try to live their best as they scale through their parenting differences and daily life challenges. This sitcom also covers the bonding between Jay, Allison, and their two children Madeline and Dylan, as they camp in the forest to teach their kids some life lessons. They also organize a grand party for Madeline’s birthday.

They are able to forge through all odds as a team and have a lively celebration. We are expecting season 2 to dive more into all members of the DeMarcus Family’s daily experiences, especially the children. We want to explore more real-life challenges in parent-child relationships.

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2 plot

DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2 Cast: Who will be in?

We are expecting a massive turnup of extended members of the DeMarcus Family and probably new members. We would love to have the formation of new relationships too.

The major stare of this sitcom reality show includes;

  • Jay DeMarcus
  • Allison DeMarcus
  • Madeline DeMarcus
  • Dylan DeMarcus

Jay and Allison are the power parents of this reality sitcom.

The DeMarcus parents Allison and Jay, got married on May 15th, 2004 and have two children, daughter Madeline and son Dylan.

The show revolves around their days in Nashville, Tennessee. Together with other family members, this family of four are out to bring to the table the crazy life experiences of celebrities trying their best to have normal families. Without leaving out, get-togethers, field trips, summer vacations, and general family time. We are expecting more family actions in this forthcoming season.

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