Stream It Or Skip It: Max Winkler Movie ‘Jungleland’ Review!

Max Winkler’s Jungleland is finally hitting the screens. Jungleland first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019; now, it is available in a number of limited theatres. In case you are wondering to watch Charlie Hunnam landing solid punches or not, let’s tell you if you should skip it or stream it.

Jungleland: Gist

Stanley, the older brother of Lion Kaminski, manages the career of Lion, who is a bare-knuckle boxer. Stanley is in huge debt and needs to pay to a local loan shark. The gangster knows that Stanley has got no money, so he asks the two brothers to transport a girl, Sky, to another gangster in Reno. The brothers agree, but gradually Lion develops feelings for Sky and also feels bad for her fate. The brothers’ relationship started to crumble when one of them realized how he had been used all the time by the other.

Jungleland Review: Our take

There is no denying that Jungleland borrowed story elements from other movies of the same genre. However, it did manage to make the story heartwarming, and the powerful performances made it better.

The plot of the story seems like an odd mish-mash of movies like Hardball and The Fighter. We have already seen the siblings entering the ring and the coach’s gambling-addicted nature who’s looking to pay his debts. Jungleland used these elements to produce the story, and there are not many twists and turns in the movie, not the ones we cannot guess. 

But the point is when have we ever sat down to watch an underdog sports biopic to watch the leading actor lose? Never! We all wait for the heartwarming event, and even if the movie doesn’t end with the win of the protagonist, the writers mostly find some way or another to soothe the heartbreak. 

The most important thing for a sports drama or any other movie is for the audience to emotionally connect with characters, and that is the plus point of Jungleland. Stan is a flawed human, and the viewers want to watch him grow and improve; thanks to Charlie Hunnam’s performance, he brought the character to life!

Jungleland: Stream it or skip it?

To conclude, the story might be a letdown and too distracting for the audience, but the funny, heart-warming, and emotional side of the story makes up for it. Moreover, the lead actors have given an Oscar-worthy performance, so go ahead and Stream It!

Now, if you desire to find out more about the movie and where to stream? Read on!

Where to Watch Jungleland?

Jungleland is not available on Netflix and Hulu. It is also not a part of Amazon prime videos; however, it can be rented or purchased starting 10th November 2020. You cannot stream it for free anywhere currently; as of now, you can only watch it in a limited number of theatres. The VOD service will be available on various streaming services from 10th November, including Google Play, Vudu, DirecTv, Xfinity, iTunes, and FandangoNow.

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