Chicago Med Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And All Updates That You Need To Know About NBC’s Medical Drama!

NBC’s medical drama has received it’s long awaited test results, and we are happy to report it’s good news. On February 27, Chicago Med was renewed for three (3) new seasons. Fans can be rest assured of the 6th, 7th, and 8th season of their beloved series. Remember the fifth season had to end abruptly because of the Coronavirus pandemic which resulted in productions been stopped. The sixth season of Chicago Med will now air on November 11th 2020, two months behind the regular September air date. The medical drama follows a team of medical professionals in the emergency department of imaginary Gaffeny Chicago Medical Center. Created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmsted, it one of the three Chicago Franchise (Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D and Chicago Med) which runs on the NBC Network. The fifth season received the show’s lowest rating yet, having an average rating of 1.17/5 down by 3% from an average 7.9 million viewers.

Chicago Med Season 6 Plot: What will happen?

In season 5, we saw the departure of Dr Connor from the show following the shocking death of his former girlfriend. Dr Ava Bekker who killed herself by cutting open her neck. The fourth season finale dramatic ending left the season 5, poor rating than the previous one because it couldn’t match the drama. The season focused on romantic affiliations between the show characters.

The sixth season of the show will follow up with the last season, as season 5 was decidedly ending up as a cliff hanger, but as earlier mentioned it was cut short. Trailing the show main basis, we may most possibly view the real world happenings i.e. the pandemic. This could be a interesting focus for the show giving it a realistic outlook. 

This season will expand on the growing relationship between Dr Natalie and Dr Crockett, also Dr Ethan and Nurse April may give intimacy another shot. More stories will be unfolding between Hannah and her admirer Will. We may get to see some background story to the newly introduced character of Dominic Rains (Dr Crockett).

Chicago Med Season 6 Cast

Chicago Med Season 6 Cast: Who will be in?

The new season of Chicago Med will keep all of it’s main cast, so as to maintain the momentum of the previous seasons. Main cast includes:

  • Nick Gehlfuss (Dr Will Halstead)
  • Torrey DeVitto (Dr Natalie Manning)
  • Yaya DaCosta (April Sexton)
  • Oliver Platt (Dr Daniel Charles)
  • Brian Tee (Dr Ethan Choi)
  • Marlyne Barrett (Maggie Lockwood)

Exclusive report shows that a new character Dr Varoni, played by Pandora’s Sunny Tehmina. He will act as joint supervisor for a clinical trial with Dr Halstead.

Chicago Med Season 6 Trailer: When can we watch it?

The trailer of the sixth season is yet to be released but it is expected soonest. However here is the trailer for the fifth season for the main time. 

Also here is a link to watch all episode of the previous seasons:

What are you expecting to see in the new season?

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