Das Boot Season 3 : Sky Renewal Status, Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Important Updates You Want To Know!

Das Boot was initially a German war-themed film before it became a TV series. On the announcement of this change, lots of fans protested because of the fear of the unknown. After the first season was aired in 2018, the critics were silenced because of the mind-blowing outcome of the series. The positive reviews of the first season encouraged the production of the second season which was quickly sold out after it first aired in Germany’s Sky one in April and later hit the UK screen in June of that same year.

Due to the massive screening of the second season, this film has sadly come to a conclusion on Sky Atlantic. Although no words were said about the conclusion or cancellation of this series, viewers can’t help but questions. Everyone wants to know the future of this war-themed series.

Das Boot Season 3 Release Date: Are we expecting a season 3? 

It would please the lovers of this war series to know that this series has reportedly been renewed for a third season. TV scorecards revealed in December 2019 that is a possibility for this series to go beyond even a third season. The release date of season 3 is still unknown to the masses but as we all know 2020 has been crossed off the list due to this pandemic. Fans are expecting a season 3 to be out by late 2021. There is a new update regarding the series for fans that it will be coming back for a third season on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

Das Boots Season 3 Release Date

Das Boots Season 3 Plot: What should we be expecting in Season 3?

The first two seasons revolved around a war but in season 3, we are expecting the war to hit brutally on the Germans. However, we are also expecting the pressure towards the resistance effort on La Rochelle to increase for the final liberation of the Coastal town from the Allies in 1945.

If this series goes as expected with increasing positive reviews, the series would hopefully cover the whole war evolution era. But nobody knows if the writers of this series would decide to make this season 3 a twist.

Das Boots Season 3 Plot

Das Boots Season 3 Cast: Who will make a comeback?

This movie had a lot of German cast we would be expecting to be back on screen for season 3. They include; Rick Okon as Kapitänleutnant Klaus Hoffmann (“Kaleu”)

  • Vicky Krieps as Simone Strasser
  • Robert Stadlober as Oberfähnrich (Ing.) Hinrich Laudrup (“Smut”)
  • Leonard Scheicher as Oberfunkmaat Frank Strasser
  • Rainer Bock as Fregattenkapitän Heinrich Glück
  • Clemens Schick as Korvettenkapitän Johannes von Reinhartz
  • August Wittgenstein as Oberleutnant zur See Karl Tennstedt (1WO)
  • Tom Wlaschiha (Stranger Things) as Kriminalrat Hagen Forster
  • Vincent Kartheiser as Samuel Greenwood
  • James D’Arcy as Philip Sinclair
  • Thierry Frémont as Inspector Pierre Duval
  • Lizzy Caplan as Carla Monroe
  • Olivier Chantreau as Émile Charpentier

Franz Dinda as Oberleutnant (Ing.) Robert Ehrenberg (LI) and many other stars who worked to make the first two seasons a success.

We can’t wait to get this German war movie back on screen.

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