‘Firefly Lane’: Netflix Reveals First Teaser Starring Katherine Heigl & Sarah Chalke Coming In February!

Netflix has recently aired the first Firefly Lane teaser for its upcoming series, which was the adaptation of the best novel of the same time pen down by Kristin Hannah in 2013.

This series highlights a three-decade-long bond of two women that was a result of the tragedy. This series featuring stars are Sarah Chalke and Emmy Award winner Katherine Heigl. This fantastic series will be available on Netflix on 3 February 2021.

Check out the recent teaser that is out by Netflix.

This fantastic series shows the most incredible bond between two friends, named Kate and Tully. When this duo met at the age of 14, they were quite different, like a pole apart.

On the other hand, where Tully is such a bold and confident girl, Kate seems to be so introverted, and you have never noticed. But their separable friendship comes out to be a result of sharing their personal experience.

They together faced so many ups and downs in their life. Their heartbreaks, happiness, disappointments, victories, and unfortunately, a love triangle become a reason for their separation.

On the one hand, where one chooses wealth and fame, the other seems to obtain marriage and motherhood.

The life stories of both the girls are so relatable and appreciable by the audience.

This series is inspired by the New York Times best-selling novel written by Kristin Hannah, who is also the executive producer of this upcoming series.

It is created under the direction of Maggie Friedman, the showrunner and executive producer along with Heigl, The executive producers of A Sugar and Spice ‘Shawn Williamson’, Stephanie Germaine, Lee Rose, John Sacret Young, and Lene Rosenzweig.

Netflix has brought many inspiring Shows and series in this pandemic year. Most of the famous stories include Normal People, Little Fires Everywhere, The Undoing, etc., are inspired by the respective Novels.

We are expecting that 2021 will also follow this trend of wonderfully inspiring stories on Netflix screen.

Yesterday on 3 December 2020, Tuesday, Netflix had officially announced that the Firefly lane series would premiere on 3 February 2021.

This series consists of 10 episodes of approximately 1 hour long drama and will take you on a ride on an emotional journey in which you will get to see the life experience of this duo, Kate and Tully. 

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