Johnson Season 2: Is Bounce Renewed It? Here You Get All Latest Updates and Find Out When It Pemieres!

Johnson is a drama-comedy series that focuses on lifelong best friends sharing the same last name. It is centered around their complicated and fascinated love journey, heartbreak, personal growth, and friendship.

It is quite a diversion from the standard drama-comedy series. It is told from the black male perspective to highlight certain stereotypes and misconceptions and features some of the most popular landmarks in Atlanta, where it was shot.

The premiere is reported to have drawn a network record of over 2 million viewers when it debuted on 1st August 2021. The season finale aired on Sunday, 3rd October.

The biggest question that viewers want to be answered is whether there will be a second season or not. Well, let us find out. 

Is Johnson Renewed for a Second Season? 

Johnson Renewal

Luckily, Bounce renewed this show for a second season on 30th September 2021, ahead of the airing of its first season’s finale. 

This follows its impressive performance and the unbelievable viewership it recorded. Viewers can therefore stay assured that the second season will be bigger and better. 

The show also gave viewers an authentic and genuine view of the life of a Black male in nowaday’s society, which may explain why it was embraced by viewers and became a hit that sparked lots of social media debates. The renewal does not, therefore, come as a shock.

Johnson Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

There hasn’t been an accurate release date for the second season of Johnson. However, since shooting is set to commence soon, we expect it in mid or late 2022 to give the producers time for shooting and editing. All in all, we hope that producers and show writers will treat us to a bigger and even better show. 

Johnson Season 2 Cast: Who will appear?

Johnson Cast

Who should you expect to see in the second season of this show? Well, nobody has confirmed leaving the show, which means that we can expect the same old faces when the second season comes up.

Executively produced by Rhone, Cedric the Entertainer, and Reesha L. Archibald, with La Ray and Jones serving as the showrunners, this 10 episode comedy series starred Derrex Brandy as Jarvis Johnson, Philip Smith key as Keith Johnson, Thomas Jones as Omar Johnson, and Deji LaRay as Greg Johnson.

Other cast members likely to return are D. L Hughley as Eugene Johnson, Chlor James As Anderson, Kwanalyn Brown as Sherri Johnson, Khakilah Joi as Naomi Johnson, etc. 

Also, since the series is based on these four friends, they will definitely be there for the second season. We will keep you notified in case of anything changes as the shooting progresses. So, stay tuned with us.

Johnson Season 2 Trailer: Is there a Trailer Yet?

Johnson Season 2 shooting hasn’t started yet, meaning that we can’t possibly have a trailer at the moment. Most trailers come out a month before the new season’s release, which means we will probably have it by mid or end 2022. You can rewatch Season 1’s episodes or trailer as we wait for another season to drop. 

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