Sunnyside Magic High Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details You Must Know!

Many magical powers exist in our world, and it is impossible to list even half of them. What if everybody had superpowers, and we would only go to school to be taught how to harness supernatural abilities? What would you have chosen; teleporting, reading minds, supersonic speed, enhanced vision, telekinesis or healing?

The world would be a beautiful place but also is dangerous. The most powerful would make life a living hell but is it far from how life is in reality? Feeding your imagination is the upcoming fantasy animation series called Sunnyside Magic High. The series focuses on four royals who have to go for classes on how to control and use their powers for their future as rulers. However, they have a price to pay as with their power, so are their responsibilities; the four have to fight some of the greatest adversaries. Learn bitter truth and still balance fulfilling their destinies.

Sunnyside Magic High Season 1 Release Date: When will it be telecasted?

Production of the pilot episode began in 2022, but the show creators are yet to update on the official date on when we will get to stream the series. Canada is the official origin of the series, and as far as a filming location is concerned, it will probably be in Canada or somewhere close to Canada. It is expected that TheWiseGProduction will produce the web animation in English, and they are yet to update whether they will be subtitles for diversity. The series premiered in 2022.

Sunnyside Magic High Season 1 Plot: What is it all about?

The series follows the life of four royals, far from ordinary human beings. The squad has supernatural powers, which they find hard to control like any other supernatural story where power control is yet to be mastered. The four have to go to a school to help them learn to control their supernatural abilities. Not only are they learned to wield and control their power, but they also have to learn how to rule the kingdom one day when their turn is ripe. They will have to face tough challenges, face harsh truths, and gather many enemies along the way, all this in an attempt to fulfill destiny.

Sunnyside Magic High Season 1 Cast: Who will appear?

Jazzy Green, the voice-over artist and actress known for featuring in Limelight (2022) and Safety First (2019), will be starring in the animation as Hazel. She has worked on several podcasts, and the most significant one remains to be A Bad Feeling Podcast. She will star alongside Jake MCAskill as Zephyr, Justin Saint as River, and Envee Lin Alice as Crescenta. Other casts include Joy Ofodu, Greene-Osako Blair, Aubrey Poppleton, Dakin Rose, Ryan Negron, Cathryn Archer, Effy Gold, and Cunningham Jayden.

Sunnyside Magic High Season 1 Trailer: Is the trailer already out?

We have a trailer of the Sunnyside Magic High below. The animation industry, however, has grown, and three are a lot of animations you can involve yourself with as we wait for the fantasy show’s release. The Simpsons, Castle Vania, Harley Quinn, and BoJack Horseman are some of the best series you may find interesting.

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