Arlene Cody Bashnett: YouTuber, Age, Wiki, Son, Sister, Net Worth

One of the most well-known YouTubers nowadays is Arlene Cody Bashnett. Her birthday is February 4th, and she was born in Germany. In addition to her role as Genevieve Musci’s sister and sidekick on the renowned YouTube show Gramma and Ginga, Arlene is a well-known YouTube celebrity. In the past, she and Gramma have appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Together.

It was in Germany when Arlene was born. In July of 2017, she featured in Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots: Forever Young. Now, let’s look at Arlene Cody’s personal life and financial situation.

Arlene Cody Bashnett Early Life:

Full Real Name Arlene Cody Bashnett
Family Name N/A
Profession YouTuber
Date Of Birth January 1st, 1919
Age 103
Birthday January 1st
Year Of Birth 1919
Nick Name N/A
Current Residence N/A
Country Germany
Nationality German
Ethnicity N/A
Religion Christian

Arlene was born in Germany on February 4, 1919. Furthermore, we know very little about Arlene Cody’s early years.

Arlene Cody Bashnett Education:

Highest Qualification N/A
University N/A
College N/A
High School N/A

The public has no way to learn about Arlene Cody Bashnett’s educational background. We’re keeping an eye on things and will raise Arlene Cody’s educational bar when the time comes.

Arlene Cody Bashnett Family: 

Father Salvatore
Mother Maria Theresa Buttafusco
Brothers Lousie
Sisters Genevieve and Florida

Arlene Cody Bashnett’s parents are Salvatore and Maria Theresa Buttafusco. She and her brother, Louie, were professional dancers in Harrison County, West Virginia before they became renowned. Genevieve and Florida, her two older sisters, were also present. This page about Arlene Cody Bashnett’s family will be updated with new sources of data as well.

More Information about Her Sister Genevieve Gramma

When their family members posted footage of Genevieve “Gramma” Musci and Arlene “Ginga” Bashnett on YouTube and Facebook, they became Internet sensations. Over 1 million people have followed the sisters on social media due to their foul-mouthed exchanges. Salvatore and Maria Audia Buttafusco, immigrants from Italy, raised their four children in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

At 15, Gramma married Frank Musci (1913–1988), a classmate from Clarksburg, Maryland. Frank became a businessman and owner of the Hi-De-Ho Pool Room in the final stages of his career. Marie Fumich (1930–2014) and Sheila Harris (1938–1997) were raised by Gramma, who never worked outside the house or learned to drive a car. Gramma had five grandkids, sixteen great-grandchildren, and eight great-great-grandchildren at her death.

Children of Gramma and Ginga’s late daughter Marie began sharing each other films of their regular caustic conversations after her death in late 2014 to lighten their sadness. Videos of Gramma and Ginga’s everyday routine contained profanity and insults shouted between the sisters; Gramma’s severe and efficient style often contrasted delightfully with Ginga’s cheery, more carefree disposition.

On his own Facebook page, she began to receive interest from public members who had previously seen the films when Frank’s pals uploaded them. As a result, the Facebook page dedicated to videos of the sisters immediately became a viral hit.

Consequently, their viral success on social media, the sisters were invited to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and on Little Big Shots: Forever Young with Steve Harvey in person. As marshals for Clarksburg’s Italian Heritage Festival and Christmas Parade, they were well-known in the community.

After a visit by Clarksburg’s mayor on her 100th birthday, Ginga stopped appearing in public after suffering a stroke at the end of 2018. She was homebound by early 2019 and no longer made public appearances.

Her health deteriorated, and Gramma had to go to McLean, Virginia, where Sheila and Frank could monitor her daily. They could no longer record videos of the two of them together, so their social media was dominated by images and videos of Sheila asking Gramma questions about her life.

Gramma passed away peacefully on December 25th, 2020, at the age of 106, due to natural causes. Moreover, the girls’ families praised the public for their overwhelming interest in their lives and promised to keep sharing videos and memories from their collection.

Arlene Cody Bashnett Zodiac Sign:

Star Sign Aquarius

Arlene Cody Bashnett was born in Germany in 1919. Now she is 103 years old. Arlene Cody’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, according to our study.

Arlene Cody Bashnett Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg N/A
Weight In Lbs N/A
Height In Feet 5 feet 3 inches
Height In Meter N/A
Measurement N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A

Arlene stands 5 feet, 3 inches tall. There is no published information about Arlene Cody’s weight or other physical measurements. Moreover, Arlene Cody Bashnett’s information will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

Arlene Cody Bashnett Relationship Status:

Spouse Name Andrew R. Bashnett
Sons Allen
No Of Children 1
Marital Status married

Many people are also curious about Arlene Cody’s marital status, specifically if she is single or married. Arlene Cody married Andrew R. Bashnett due to our study into her love life. However, he died in 1980. Allen is her only child, and she is a widow.

Arlene Cody Bashnett Career:

Arlene Cody is no stranger to the public eye as a well-known YouTuber. With more than 460,00 followers on YouTube, she’s had more than 93,000,000 views. In addition, there are 116 million Instagram fans. She has been a volunteer at the United Hospital Center and the Veterans Affairs Hospital for many years. Arlene Cody Bashnett, a rising star in professional YouTubers, may now look forward to a bright future.

Arlene Cody Bashnett Social Media Appearance:


Many people admire Arlene Cody Bashnett, a well-known YouTuber. Aside from her impressive Instagram following (117K), she’s also recognized for her beautiful photos.

Arlene Cody Bashnett Net Worth:

Net Worth $1.5 Million
Assets N/A
Annual Earnings N/A
Source Of Income Social Media

Assets and liabilities make up Arlene Cody Bashnett’s net worth. Vehicles, bank accounts, and money belonging to Arlene Cody Besides Arlene Cody, financial assets such as equities and bonds contribute to Arlene Cody’s net worth.

What is Arlene Cody Bashnett’s net worth since you’ve heard of her? As a result, let’s be clear that Arlene Cody Bashnett’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, and she has accumulated considerable money as a YouTube Star. Given her advanced age, the money is still a lot for Arlene Cody.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Arlene Cody Bashnett?

One of the most well-known YouTubers nowadays is Arlene Cody Bashnett. Her birthday is February 4th, and she was born in Germany.

What is Arlene Cody Bashnett’s height and weight?

Arlene Cody Bashnett stands 5 feet, 3 inches tall. There is no published information about Arlene Cody’s weight or other physical measurements.

Who is Arlene Cody Bashnett’s husband?

Andrew R. Bashnett married Arlene Cody. However, he died in 1980. Allen is her only child, and she is a widow.

How much is Arlene Cody Bashnett worth?

Since becoming a YouTube sensations, Arlene Cody and Arlene Cody Bashnett have acquired millions of dollars in fortune.

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