Gutsy Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Other Details About The Series!

You would think that the greatest woman everyone admires does not have another woman they look forward to. The answer is not exactly. Even the greatest women you look forward to having mentors. Just like the title suggests, the series Gutsy is about what it takes and what it feels like to be a woman with many guts.

It will see the former lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton and her daughter take fans through what it is to truly be a brave woman. The two will show what it means to be a mother and the bond mother share with their daughters. They go on a road trip to interview some of the women who have had great contributions to society, and the following are all the updates on the Gutsy show.

Gutsy Season 1 Release Date:

The long-awaited series premiere date is now nearer than ever. The eight-part docuseries is expected to premiere on 9th September on Apple TV +. The series has been produced by Apple + in collaboration with the famous Left/Right LLC.

The two brave women Harry Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton remain the chief executive producers of the show alongside Siobhan Sinnerton, Roma Khan, Banks Tarver, Anna Chai and Johny Webb. To watch the series, you need to have an Apple TV + subscription, which only costs $4.99.

Gutsy Season 1 Plot:

The plot revolves around the politician Hillary Clinton with her daughter Chelsea Clinton. The two are on a journey to interview some women who have inspired them to be what they are and keep inspiring them even after achieving their goals. The series is based on their book The Book of Gutsy Women, and the pair will interview some of the strong, brave, and bold women in society and the world at large.

Gutsy Season 1 Cast:

The primary cast of the docuseries is Hilary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton. The pair will interview some of the most trailblazing women, some mentioned and others yet to be mentioned. So far, however, we have a list of some of the women mentioned and all there is to be said is that they all scream bold.

Goldie Hawn (First Wives Club), one of the women, has starred in several series since the 1970s. She has also founded the Hawn Foundation, a charity that gives education to less fortunate children. She will be interviewed whether with her daughter Kate Hudson. Another phenomenal Woman to be interviewed is Megan the Stallion, the American rapper known for hits songs like Savage.

The rapper owns a nonprofit organization that helps less fortunate communities in Houston and Texas get an education, housing and affordable healthcare. Others are Kim Kardashian, Dr.  Jane Godall, who campaigns for protecting chimpanzees and the environment, Gloria Steinem, leader of the American Feminist Group in the 60s, Wanda Sykes, and Amy Schumer. Other women will be revealed with time.

Gutsy Season 1 Trailer:

A trailer for the series was released a while back by Apple. It shows the two women buckling up for the long journey to talk with their role models. It also shows Chelsea with a fire hose and playing with bees. Check out the series trailer on Apple TV + or Youtube.

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