American Gods Season 3 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Other Details!

First, let us give you a cool glance of this magnificent American drama TV series “American God“. It is based on a fantastic novel by Neil Gaiman, which we highly recommend you to go through. He has such an incredible imagination. His words are so fascinating and have an excellent way of telling his stories. This man is also behind the best-sellers like stardust, Carolin, and quite a few. 

“American God” lies somewhere between fantasy and magical realism. Here, Neil Gaiman reveals heavy mythologies in the adaptation with many positive changes. So, if you have a great interest in Egyptians and Americans’ religions, you must check it out. Immense knowledge of various myths has been perfectly arranged in this series, which makes it more fascinating. The series, though, was created by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. “American God”, a TV series, is most likely to stream on Starz networks. The audience is freaking exciting for the Third Season of “American God”. Due to such a vast audience’s admiration, IMDb rated this series 7.8/10, which is a quite enough score to make any series successful. 

In the previous seasons, we meet Shadow Moon, who is in prison and looking out to live the rest of his days with his wife. However, he gets released and finds that his wife died. Then he meets a person named Mr. Wednesday, who also offers him a job as his guard and assistant. So, after this, you get to watch a bit strange and mess up situations on their road trip. 

The released date of American Gods Season 3: 

If you are anxiously waiting for the third installation of “American God”, then we ask you to wait for a bit longer! The third season of this series was expected to release in mid of 2020. The production was all set to start shooting for season 3 in October 2019. But on account of this Global outbreaks, it led to hold up more. You are most likely getting it streaming in June-July of 2021. There is still no exact official date, but due to high demand in public, the makers are trying their best to get aired soon on Starz and Amazon Prime. 

The cast of American Gods Season 3: Who will be in it? 

American Gods Season 3 Cast

All your previous favorites are going to be part of season 3. But the cast who will not appear in Season 3 is Orlanda Jones who played the role of Mr. Nancy. He himself gave this official news through his twitter handle.

Additionally, a new star cast Iwan Rheon will play a kindly man’s character named Liam Doyle. Season 3 put on a slew of new star cast includes Dominique Jackson, Eric Johnson, Marilyn Manson, and Herizen Guardiola. Their respective character is exciting to watch in season 3 itself. 

On the other hand, the returning cast of Season 2 is as follows: 

  • Shadow Moon by Ricky Whittle
  • Mr. Wednesday by Ian McShane
  • Laura Moon by Emily Browning 
  • Mr. world by Crispin Glover 

The plot of American Gods Season 3: 

American Gods Season 3 Plot

As the plot of season 2 sounded so deceiving to the book. It was quite different as per the anticipation of the book and the fans too. The creative minds of Bryan Fuller and Michael Green behind
“American Gods” are trying to make the season- best out of one another. So, the plot we are going to tell might not precisely match the outlines of season 3. Yet the plot of Season 3 goes around the Shadow in the snowy town of lakeside in Wisconsin. Later on, he will discover so many darks and unloosen secrets. Shadow and Orishas started their spiritual journey to seek their divine questions’ answers, followed by the god of his black ancestors. 

The storyline of American Gods Season 3: 

American Gods Season 3 Storyline

“American God season” 3 is much more exciting to watch. Shadow moon started his journey with his ancestor god, as depicted in the last episode of season 2. So, there is a high chance that it will be the runner up season 3. Apart from that, Charles H Eglee will be the central character after the passing of Jesse Alexander. Once we get its official trailer, we’ll get back to you with a broader picture of season 3 storyline. 

For further updates, stay tuned! 

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