Truth Seekers Review: The Amazon series is heavy on terror but extremely light on laughs!

The talented comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost added the new Amazon series Truth Seekers to their list of comedy shows such as Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. This is the first TV show starring and written by the pair.

What will happen in Truth Seekers?

A supernatural comedy series ‘Truth Seekers‘ about a three-person paranormal investigators team, who unite to reveal and shoot the glimpses of ghosts across the UK, sharing their experiences of ghost tales on their online channel for all to watch. 

By the time they connect haunted churches, underground bunkers, and abandoned hospitals with ghost-detecting gizmos, their supernatural feats are more and more horrific and even more damaging. When they begin to reveal all the conspiracies that can devastate the entire human race.

This show is established in a mystical world full of ferocious and just demons; Truth Seekers blends humor with fear.

Is it the scariest series?

The new idea is to combine horror and comedy. We have seen many zombies-comedy on the big screen, which strikes a balance between comedy and horror that can bring huge success.

As a maker of the show Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Truth Seekers was wholly ensured to deliver its comedy traits. But at the end of its first season, I was unsure how the series would be able to convey the fears.

Gus Roberts (Nick), a Sky Smyle broadband engineer who appears as a novice ghost hunter, uploading his paranormal experiences on YouTube and desperate for subscribers. Gus is playing only a minor role which reports to Smyle Boss Dave (Pegg). Rather, Gus pairs up with Elton to hunt in abandoned hospitals, old mansions, and underground bunkers. Truth Seekers is the scariest project of Frost and Pegg. 

Truth Seekers is fully accessible to all viewers thanks to its storyline. We are all expected that Truth Seekers can lean too much towards their humor. But True Seekers is actually a pack of supernatural horror series. 

Truth Seekers will be available from October 30 on Amazon. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

Sophia Wadke
Sophia Wadke
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