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Alex Fitzalan, an Australian actor, first rose to prominence as Tom in the 2018 horror film Slender Man. He later gained further recognition for portraying Harry Bingham in the popular Netflix series The Society.

Alex Fitzalan Early Life

Full Real Name Alex Fitzalan
Profession TV Actor
Date Of Birth April 26th, 1996
Age 27 years old
Birthday April 26th
Year Of Birth 1996
Country Australia

Born on April 26, 1996, Alex Fitzalan, now 27, hails from Brisbane, Australia.

Alex Fitzalan Zodiac Sign

Sun Sign Taurus

Alex Fitzalan, a Taurus, is known for being steadfast and determined in his pursuits.

Alex Fitzalan Career

Alex Fitzalan, an Australian actor from Brisbane, first garnered attention for his role as Tom in the 2018 horror film Slender Man. Despite three unsuccessful pilots, he finally gained prominence with the hit Netflix series The Society, playing Harry Bingham. 

Along with amassing over 440,000 Instagram followers, Alex has been associated with other projects, including the 2017 TV movies Crash & Burn and The Get.

Alex Fitzalan Social Media Presence


Alex Fitzalan boasts a strong social media presence with 438K followers on Instagram under the handle @alexfitzalan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alex Fitzalan rose to fame as Tom in 2018's Slender Man, later starring as Harry Bingham in Netflix's The Society. He also appeared in the 2017 TV movies Crash & Burn and The Get.

With 438K followers, Alex Fitzalan can be found on Instagram at @alexfitzalan.

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