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samsung s6

Top 10 Battery Backup Mobiles

This article list the top 10 smartphones with best battery backup. Recently a test has been for testing the battery backup. Based on the...

Top 10 mobiles under 15000

Now a days there are a huge number of smartphones are launched day by day.But few of the mobiles are worth-able.Here is the list...

Top 10 Mobiles 2016

This is an era of High standard mobiles with the latest technology of Best special features, awesome quality and the uniqueness. We can also...
InFocus F120

Top 10 Best Mobiles Under 1000

Now a days smartphones are widely used by the people.But some of the people still prefer ordinary mobile capable of just phone calling,sending/receiving sms...
Anastasia Bampos

Anastasia Bampos: Actress, Age, Height, Films, Parents, Net Worth !

It's no secret that Anastasia Bampos is a famous actress. After playing Mandy Zeta in Go-Karts's Netflix movie, she became a household name. This Australian actress and television host appeared in the film alongside Frances O'Connor, the principal actress.
Sunjai Williams

Sunjai Williams: Dancer, Age, Dad, Baby, Net Worth !

Sunjai Williams is one of the best-known dancers. As a dancer on the reality show Bring It!, Sunjai Williams is best recognized for her role. She was an element of the Dancing Dolls dancing ensemble that appeared on the show. "Cool Flame" is a moniker that has stuck with her.
Leandro Rios

Leandro Rios: Singer, Age, Wife, Bio, Net Worth !

Leandro Rios is a well-known singer in music world. He was born in Monterrey, Mexico, on October 19, 1982. The Mexican-born world music artist is of Mexican descent and presently resides in his native country. So, let's know about Leandro Rios's personal life and financial worth.
Shurie Heath

Phil Heath’s Wife Shurie Heath: Age, Height, Fitness, Net Worth

Shurie Heath is also the wife of Phil Heath, the current Mr. Olympia and a well-known fitness influencer. He recently made headlines for his latest Mr. Olympia victory, which put him at par with Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of titles won. That's the number 7. This brings us to Shurie Heath's life and net worth, shall we?
Bouba Savage

Bouba Savage: Rapper, Age, Height, Mom, Net Worth !

Bouba Savage is a well-known artist and he is a rapper. He was born on October 17, 2006, in Guinea, where he has spent most of his life. Additionally, Bouba is well-known for his single titled "Ima Savage," which he made available to the general public.
Vivien Rubin

Vivien Rubin: Model, Wiki, Height, Age, Net Worth !

Model Vivien Rubin is well-known. She was born in Russia on December 15th, 1991. She owns and promotes the women's fashion business, Rare Gal Clothing, which she founded.