Worst Sports Mascots: Top 10 Stupidest Team Mascot Characters!

Professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey teams, college sports teams, and contests all make the most creepy mascots. The sports mascots are designed to inspire the audience and entertain supporters. They are sometimes weird. Some are utterly obscene. Others are so eccentric that they cross the border between hilarious and unbelievable aura. For fear of masks or mascots, Masklophobia is the official name for it. This was created after some gruesome mascots alive in the hearts of the old spectators. These are the kinds of mascots who haunt nightmares, sneak you care about your own business.

Some mascots, in particular those of college teams, are doomed from the start since the moniker of a team mascot. They are so weird that they look like the devil instead of entertaining the audience and supporters.

Such a level of crappiness is brought up by the Providence College Friar and the Dallas Cowboys King Cake Baby, an odd mascot of New Orleans, Louisiana. The count is not less, but still, there are so many creepy mascots.

So let’s go to the Top Ten Mascot Characters of the Stupidest Team ever!

10. Zoe-Lou

Cardiff was known as the Bluebirds. Then owner Vincent Tan changed their badge to a red dragon, representative of their Welsh roots. So what were Cardiff’s mascots? Two frighteningly worst superhero mascots had nothing to do with either the club’s past or recent change. While a female version of mascots isn’t the worst business idea globally, Zoe-Lou, along with her male counterpart, is just terrible and downright weird – as giant plastic humans tend to be. 

Cardiff is evidence that it is advisable to be fluffy and sweet when developing mascots. Together with Bartley Blue, Zoe-Lou is a part of the Cardiff City mascot superhero team. She looks know anything about Cardiff’s names. There is a large dragon on the Cardiff badge (for Wales), and they’re surnamed as “The Bluebirds.” 

Zoe Lou

9. Fighting Okra

Delta is one of the Grand Prairie, Texas teams here. While most of you undoubtedly know the men of the States, they have another title, the Mascot and their sports department and baseball. Philip visited Grand Prairie, supporting the Fighting Okra with pride. 

Although the Mascot of Delta has a hilarious history, it has many misconceptions about how it happened that a vegetable with boxers boxing gloves is a wonderful mascot. It looks like the ‘Fighting Okra’ who were moved by the unlikely nature of a specific “Statesman.” In the mid-1990s, a student vote meant that the university had an unofficial mascot called “The Fighting Okra.”

Fighting Okra

8. Sammy The Shrimp

Many people like to dress up as a large pink crustacean, but Sammy, the Shrimp, takes a special talent. League One Southend United Football Club last year learned this lesson when a succession of so-called shrimps tested the new outfit of their Mascot. For much of the 2017-18 season, the new shrimp suit — a more family-friendly alternative for a ghostly white spiny get-up that is some wages over a Ku Klux Klan member.

This left the devoted followers of the club free of a joyful decapod that entertained them, stirred them up, and brought them together decades. Speaking of sleeping bags, Sammy the Shrimp was a type of all-over pink duvet with eyes, Like a sleeping hunk. Difficult to believe, but truly this crazy Mascot makes a difference.

Sammy the Shrimp

7. Hip Hop The Rabbit, Philadelphia 76ers

Hip Hop The Rabbit, Philadelphia 76ers was the American entry in another abomination of the 1990s, notably basketball. With rap music increasing in the 1980s and 1990s millions of dollars business, it was natural for anyone to become involved. Just like all the kids of the time were ‘rappers,’ the basketball team of the Philadelphia 76 tried, by introducing this bunny, to stick to the hip hop tendency.

As many attempts to take rap culture, it tragically did not succeed in turning it into something that would wear cuteness. Instead, it was made poorly and was naff at the time, like many TV series or movies from the 1990s that suddenly became ‘cool’ street sunglasses and askew headwear.

Hip Hop The Rabbit

6. Fuleco

In the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Fuleco was an official mascot. It was debuted on 25 November 2012 as part of the Brazilian TV Globo’s Fantástico weekly entertainment program, representing a Brazilian three-band armadillo, a type of armadillo unique to Brazil is classified by IUCN as a vulnerable species on the Red List.

Environmental group the Caatinga Association, an organization whose campaigning helped FIFA choose the tatu bola as its Mascot, claimed that FIFA had not given any money to support the endangered species. FIFA, even though expects to gain income by selling goods based on its Mascot. It has no link to organizations that want to support it. He looked like he was the victim of a botched hair replacement scheme where they used old football instead. He makes Wayne Rooney look good.


5. Hammerhead

Hammerhead altered the ensemble of home game characters. It was a guy with a hammer on ahead. The Hammerhead was founded many decades ago at Themes Iron Works by the workers who designed a new champion and drew on the energies of the ancient and the new heroes to the final goal-machine.

The feeling of total Stupidest can only be imagined when those veteran shipbuilders of the late 19th century watched the Hammerhead’s angled, breakdancing, hammering head in Thames Ironworks soldering smoke. Regardless of the background, it seems like a monster on Earth? Go on and have the photoshoot with the cross-eyed man like he was in a serious industrial accident. 


4. Cobi

The Cobi mascot was the official Mascot of the 1992 Olympic Summer and the Petra mascot, both conducted in Barcelona, Spain, in 1992. Cobi is a Catalan Sheepdog made by Javier Mariscal in Cubist style and inspired by Picasso’s renditions of the masterpiece of Las Meninas by Velázquez. For the Olympic Games of 1992, Cobi was completely trashed by the regulations of its mascots. It looked like Why is his mouth tucked away?

A range of ads for Olympic and Paralympic supporters, such as Brother Industries and Danone, had been showcased by Cobi and Petra before and After games. They even had their television series, The Cobi Troupe, sold to more than 24 broadcasters worldwide. 


3. Hunter

For the Borussia Mönchengladbach German soccer club, Jünter is the official Mascot. It was named after Günter Netzer – his first name, Günter – the renowned footballer of Borussia. Oliver Neuville is a person who wears the football uniform with the number 10 in the costume, clad in a huge foal suit. He participates in the pre-and tries to get the crowd excited.

He is a columnist in Fohlen-Echo, the club’s magazine, which shares his opinion on football themes. Junter is a foal named after the renowned footballer Günter Netzer of Borussia Mönchengladbach. Sadly, the object looks quite menacing, yet it is a good historical link. 


2. Bomber

The new mascot “Bomber the Spitfire” – namely the oversight at Kent Academy by Andy Bennett – won the NPower Mascot Race at Edgbaston and was given a big leap ahead of their Twenty20 Cup half-final Bennett, clad in a yellow and black suit, led only to fall on the inflatable pads during the early part of the 19-man race.

In the Grand like Red Rum, captured Crisp and overcame Lanky on the line to win by a length. Well, the Kent Spitfires didn’t have a lot to work with, did they? The wheels on the shoes are a nice touch, although not much use, being 5 feet away from the aircraft. Not acceptable.


1. Appy

Mascot “Appy” in Helsinki 2012 is a virtual feature that is the topic of the European Athletics Championships of 2012, depicting the technology and design. At the stadium, Appy is mainly a smartphone symbol and virtual guide. In providing live results and other information to mobile devices, Appy helps the stadium crowd and television viewers.

In collaboration with World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 and the advertising firm Kapina, the Helsinki 2012 Local organizing committee developed mobile solutions for the event. Yep, neither do we have any clue what it is. However, Mascot looks like a dishwashing tablet in the 2012 Helsinki European Athletics Championships.



Whether the mascots are based on sports or business firms, like the Xavier University of Blue Blob, or just human and cartoons like of Nebraska Lil’ Red University, these all Mascot are irrelevant and intolerable to watch. Hence, once you see them, You never want to look at them again. 

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