Walker Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Get Every Detail About It!

You definitely know Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) from somewhere. Well, your estimate is as good as mine. CW decided to recognize this terrific actor once more and starred him in Walker under the character Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. Walker is a remake of the famous television series Walker, Texas Ranger, which graced screens from 1993 to 2001, starring Chuck Norris.

It is more of a modernized version of the series whose plot delves into topical issues while retaining the moral spirit of the original version. With the first episode released in January 2021, it enjoys a good IMDb rating of 5.8/10. Should we expect a fourth season? Let’s find out.

Walker Season 4 Release Date: When will it be out?

Season 3 of the series premiered on October 6, 2022, and fans have been waiting for the new installment ever since the airing of the last episode. Fortunately, Walker was renewed for a fourth season, meaning that fans all over the world should expect a continuation of the third one soon. Season 4 is expected to bring intense drama for Cordell, his family, and his friends. 

CW has not set the premiere date for the fourth season yet. But they announced the season on May 9, 2023. Given all the probabilities, we can expect a release in January or March 2024.

Remember, the first season of this drama series was intended to have only 13 episodes, but CW decided to create room for five more midway through, bringing them to 18. We can expect a similar fate for the fourth season.

Walker Season 4 Cast: Who will be appearing in Walker Season 4?

The fourth season of Walker will retain Jared Padalecki, Lindey Morgan, and Keegan Allen, who make up the main cast of the TV series. We should also expect Violet Brinson and Mallet Culley, acting as Walker’s children, and Captain Larry James, played by Coby Bell. Other cast members will include Molly Hagan as Cordell, Abekine Walker as Liam’s mother, and Trey Barnet played by Jeff Pierre.

Walker Cast

Padalecki will also share the screen with Mitch Pileggi, acting as Bogham Walker, who, just like Pileggi, is featured in Supernaturals. 

We can also expect the return of Bret, played by Alex Landi, Dr. Adriana Ramirez, played by Alex Meneses, and Stan Morrison, whose real name is Jeffrey Nordling. 

Walker Season 4 Plot: What is going to happen?

Jared Padalecki, the versatile actor, is ready to revive the mysterious character of Cordell Walker as the upcoming season unfolds its captivating storyline. This time, he is not just stepping back into his character’s shoes; he is slipping into them with finesse resembling a dance of fate and performance art.

In the mesmerizing world of action crime drama, Walker unravels its narrative tapestry with the elegance of a skilled artist creating a masterpiece. This symphony of storytelling skillfully portrays the life and responsibilities of an undercover guardian of justice, whose heart beats in perfect harmony with duty and dedication.

Therefore, we can expect intense drama and adventure, with more enemies that the Texas Ranger has to wipe out.

Walker Season 4 Trailer: When will it be out?

Has the trailer of Walker Season 4 been released yet? There is no official trailer or teaser for the fourth installment of Walker as of now. Here you can watch the Walker Season 3 trailer:

However, you can be sure that we will keep you in the loop if anything comes up.

Walker Season 3 Recap:

Walker Season 3 took viewers on a thrilling and emotional journey, concluding with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Here’s a brief rundown of the major events:

After overcoming their guilt and fears, Walker and Geri reunited and decided to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together and starting a new chapter in their lives.
Liam and Bret experienced the joy of their engagement and their plans to adopt a baby boy named Diego. However, their happiness was short-lived when Diego’s biological father suddenly appeared, threatening their plans.

Stella and Trevor faced various hurdles in their relationship, particularly when Trevor’s ex-girlfriend claimed to be pregnant with his child. Stella also wrestled with her complicated feelings for Clint, who was unveiled as the son of the leader of the Rodeo Kings.

August pursued his dream of becoming a writer and received acceptance into a prestigious program. Additionally, he lent a hand to Walker in his investigation into the Rodeo Kings and their connection to Emily’s death.

Micki and Trey tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony, but their honeymoon was interrupted when Captain James called Micki to join the FBI task force assigned to track down the Rodeo Kings.
Bonham and Abeline reconciled following Bonham’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. They provided unwavering support to their children and grandchildren through their individual challenges.

Captain James exchanged vows with his fiancée Jules in a joyous wedding where all the Walkers and their close friends gathered to celebrate. However, the festivities were disrupted when a mysterious gunman appeared, raining bullets on the crowd and leaving numerous individuals wounded or dead. The identity of the shooter and the fate of the victims were deliberately left undisclosed, creating a gripping cliffhanger for Season 4.

Walker Season 3 Review:

Walker Season 3 garnered high praise as it surpassed its predecessors in terms of quality and delivered a compelling and emotionally charged storyline. Here are some noteworthy aspects highlighted in the reviews:

Jared Padalecki’s remarkable acting abilities were widely acknowledged, particularly his nuanced portrayal of Walker’s intricate emotions, including grief, guilt, anger, and love.

The season was lauded for its exceptional narrative and concept, delving into Walker’s complex family dynamics, exploring his past and present relationships, showcasing his work as a ranger, and emphasizing his relentless pursuit of justice.

Walker Season 3 Rating:

The season’s IMDB rating was 6.1, indicating that viewers were enjoying the storylines. Additionally, the Rotten Tomato score of 88% suggests that viewers were eagerly anticipating Season 4.

Where Can I Watch Walker Season 3?

There are various ways to stream Season 3 of the show “Walker” online, depending on your location and personal preference. Here are some options:

For viewers in the United States, the series can be watched on The CW’s official website or app, or streamed on DIRECTV or fuboTV. Additionally, you have the choice to purchase or rent the episodes on Microsoft Store, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, or Vudu.

If you are located in Canada, you can watch the series on CTV Drama, either through cable TV or online. To access The CW’s website or app, a VPN connection will be required.

For Australian viewers, the series is available on Stan, where you can subscribe or use a free trial. Similar to Canada, a VPN connection is needed to access The CW’s website or app.

Click here to watch all the episodes of season 3.

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