Top 10 Tourist Places In Idukki

Idukki  can be visited in summer, monsoon or winter. The atmosphere remains pleasant during this period with sunny days and breezy evenings. The temperature varies between 25°C to 30°C during summer. Here are the top 10 tourist places in Idukki. 

1. Idukki Arch Dam

Idukki Arch dam is constructed across the Periyar River in a narrow gorge between two granite hills Kuravan and Kuravathi in Kerala, at a height of about 550 feet. It is one of the highest arch dams in Asia. The natural beauty surrounding the dam is breathtaking. The dam will be accessible to the public for 10 days during the Onam and the Christmas seasons.

arch dam tourist places in idukki

2. Hill View Park

Hill View Park is a natural garden located in the vicinity of the Idukki Arch Dam and Cheruthoni Dam. It is spread over an area of 8 acres of land and offers views of the surrounding Cheruthoni region and the entire Idukki region. With breathtaking views of the Cheruthoni and Idukki Dams, the Hill-view Park serves as a famous tourist destination of Idukki. One can also spot diverse wildlife in its belt natural habitat.

hill view point tourist places in idukki

3. Thumpachi Calveri Samuchayam

It is situated 35 kms from Thodupuzha in idukki district of Kerala.  It is also known as the Calvary Mount. The slopes of the Calvary mount are filled with the plantations of coffee,tea, cardamom,spices and rubber trees. In addition to the hills around the backwaters in the region make the place more beautiful. It is a picnic spot also ideal for meditation, relaxation and watching the sunset.

calvery tourist places in idukki

4.  Ramakkalmedu

Ramakkalmedu is a hill station located in the Idukki, Kerala. Ramakkalmedu is noted for its panoramic beauty and numerous windmills. The name of this place is a combination of the three words ‘Ram’, ‘Kal’ and ‘Medu’, meaning Lord Rama, rock and land. It’s believed that Lord Rama visited this place when he was once looking for his wife Sita, who was once kidnapped by Ravana. During his search, Lord Rama sets foot on the tallest rock to appear for Sita. This same rock was once named as Ramakkal, which finally got here to be known as Ramakkalmedu. Ramakkalmedu is also noted as an ancient site with a Monument to Kuravan and Kurathi – a large statue that depicts the Sangam Period and Sangam landscape of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

ramakalmedu tourist places in idukki

5. Keezharkuthu Falls

Keezharkuthu Falls is at a height of about 1500 m and is located amidst thick and lush green forests. Varieties  of medicinal plants are grown here and are used for preparing ayurvedic medicines. Keezharkuthu Falls is ideal for mountaineering,rock climbing, and camp tracking alongside the water fall.

keezharkuthu falls tourist places in idukki

6. Murikkady

Murikkady is situated 5 km away from Thekaddy. Also popular for  its small tea-shops across the plantations that serve the royal filter coffee and the spiced tea.  It also gives an authentic sense of what Thekkady looked like before it became a part of the itinerary for many travellers to Kerala.

murikkady tourist places in idukki

7. Anakkara

Anakkara is a small village in Idukki. It is just about 50 sq. km in area. Situated approximately 18 km from Iduki wildlife sanctuary, this place is famous for its spice plantations and picturesque waterfalls. It also offers trekking opportunities and Paragliding options depending on weather for adventure enthusiasts. Ottakathalemedu is another nearby place which offers a panoramic view of Anakkara and the surrounding area and a beautiful sunset view.

anakkara tourist places in idukki

8. Kulamavu Dam

Kulamavu Dam is one of the major power projects operating on the River Periyar, the largest river in Kerala. If you are a mountaineering or trekking junkie, Kulamavu is a hill-station that offers the perfect terrain for an adrenaline kick. With some potent trekking trails, the place can also be embellished with equally mesmerizing surroundings.


kulamavu dam idukki tourist places

9. Peermede

Peermede is a hill station, located in Idukki District and in the midst of the cardamom hills of the Western Ghats. The region offers beautiful views of tea, cardamom, rubber and coffee plantations, situated close to waterfalls, sculptural rocks and meadows. The town derives its name from a Sufi saint named Peer Mohammad, who is said to be linked with the royal family of Travancore. With lots of beautiful trekking trails, this town is an ideal place for families, adventure buffs and honeymooners.

peermede tourist places in idukki

10. Nadukani

Nadukani is at an elevation of around 3000 ft above sea level. The site offers views of the River Muvattupuzha on one side and the Blue Mountains on the other side. A bird’s eye view of the low lying places can be enjoyed from here.  Mountaineering and trekking are in vogue here. You can enjoy panoramic views of Ernakulam on a clear, sunny day.

nadukani tourist places in idukki

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