Top 10 Girl Names in 2023

From her clothes to her food, you do everything for your daughter, from her studies to her post-wedding farewell. So who has more rights than you to name her? Haven’t you thought of any name for your little princess yet?

To have an identity in the world, you need to have a name, which can help you introduce yourself to others and show your personality. Thinking of a good and perfect name for your baby is the best thing during your pregnancy.

Some names remind you of someone who has some positive or negative abilities, which you may or may not like to include in your child’s personality. So searching for baby girls’ names can help you find the right and trending names you may not have heard before.

Every year, the Social Security Administration discloses a child names database that relies on total birth and social security card applications. In any place, a name with less than five characters is not acceptable.

Nowadays, superheroes and ancient influential people’s names are very much in trend in the world because people are related to these names and want to see those people’s qualities in their child.

For girls, the names whose sound is ending with ‘aa’ are more currently popular. Here you can check the list of 2022 popular names of the girls below.

10. Evelyn

Origin:Germany, Estonia, Hazelnut
Meaning:Wished For Child
Name variations:Eveline, Eveleen, Evelina, Evalyn, Aveline, Avaline, Avelina, Avalina, Evalina, Evette

The name Evelyn exists from Avelyn, a female Norman Frenchman root word of the name Ava. Evelyn mainly uses for people surnames.

After 1800, this name is used for girl first names too. It is the tenth most popular girl’s name in America, as per SSA. Since 2000, it is always on the list of the top 200 girl names. Earlier, this name was mostly given to the boys.

9. Harper

Origin:Scottish, Irish, Old Norse
Name variations:Harp, Harpo

Firstly, it is used as a surname and arose from a harp player occupation. One of the valuable harp figures in a medieval baronial hall, mainly in Scotland and northern England. This Scottish surname is possibly derived from the son of the harper, Gaelic Mac Chruiteir. It also came from a stringed musical instrument harp. This surname has long existed in Ireland.

8. Mia

Origin:Italian, Hebrew, Scandinavian
Meaning:Mine, Bitter, Star of Sea, Ocean Goddess, Queen
Name variations:Miah

The Guardian of Justice is also the meaning of the name Mia. It is retrieved from other name titles like Maria, Maya, Amelia, and their various variants. Since 2009, it remains in the top ten list. Initially, it began to be used in 1960 but got popularity from 1990 to 2010. But nowadays it becomes more famous thanks to American actress Mia Farrow.

7. Amelia

Meaning:Striving, Industrious
Name variations:Amala, Amalah, Amalburga, Amalea, Amaleah, Amalee, Amaleigh, Amaleta, Amalia, Amali, Amalie, Amalia, Amalitah, Amela

Amelia’s name is derived from Amal (German word), which means work. It is a variant of the name Amalia. The other diminutive forms of Amelia are Amy, Emma, Mei. This name also available for other languages like Spanish, Urdu, and Romanian.

6. Charlotte

Meaning:Little and Womanly, Feminine of Charles, Free Man, Petite
Name variations:Carlotta, Charlotta, Charlet, Charlette, Charlot

This name is a female form of Charlot (a male name). Charles is a root word of this female name. The sixth most popular name is Charlotte. Since 2014, it has been ranked in the top 10 list. It has been related to royalty since the 19th century, getting popularity due to Queen Charlotte Sophia of England.

5. Isabella

Origin:Hebrew, Spanish, Italian
Meaning:Consecrated to God
Name variations:Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Lisbeth, Liz, Lizzie, Liza, Eliza, Ellie, Elsa, Else, Beth, Bess, Betty, Bette, Bettie, Betsy, Aliza, Libby

Isabella is derived from the Hebrew word Elisheba which means pledged to God. Since 2006, It continuously stays in one of the top five positions. Thanks to the main lead (Isabella) of Twilight (a famous movie or novel series), which holds it on the top list of best names.

4. Sophia

Name variations:Sofi, Sofie, Sophie, Sofia, Sophy, Sophronia

The variant of Sophia is Sophie and Sofia. It became famous due to a Saint name in history. In the Middle Ages period, European royalty popularized this name. Since 2009, it has ranked in the top 5 list. In 1990, its popularity arose and registered the position on charts.

3. Ava

Origin:Latin, Hebrew
Meaning:life, blooming, birdlike
Name variations:April, Aprel, Aprela, Aprelah, Aprella Aprelle, Aprila, Aprilah, Aprilett, Apriletta, Aprilette, Aprill

Instead of medieval origins, it initially got popularity in the early 1990 because of celebs baby names. It took a significant popularity jump in 1998. The Oxford Dictionary of First Names presents it as the latest name. It is also assumed to be a variant of Eva and Eve.

2. Emma

Name variations:Emmie, Emmett, Emme, Emmot, Emmott

Emma is originated from ermen, a German word that means universal or whole. Mostly it’s a nickname of German words that related to ermen. Initially, Emma of Normandy introduced this name. In the past, it remained in the first rank for five years continuously. It is more popularized because of the Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson.

1. Olivia

Origin:Old Norse, Old French, Latin
Meaning:Kind one, Peace, Olive tree
Name variations:Olive, Olivya, Olivette, Ollie, Olly, Olva

The female form is male name Oliver is Olivia. Since the 13th century, it has existed in England. Firstly, it became famous from the Shakespeare character in Twelfth Night.

As per the latest 2020 figures from SSR, Alexa, Arianna, Brielle, Kaylee are knockdown from the top 100 charts. Due to COVID-19, many names are rapidly dropped. Following Girls Names: Coral, Coralie, Coraline, Cordelia, Corey, Corrine, and Cove, popularity is fallen in last year.

Moreover, Olivia has overtaken Emma to take first place. The fastest rising girl’s name is Amoura which holds 979th position from 2054th. It is the most intense growth observed in last year. I hope the above list helps you know the top 10 girls’ names and their meanings and origins.

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