“The One” : Netflix Release date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Many More Updates!

Calling all sci-fi lovers for a treat! Netflix is about to release a sci-fi series which you can find next to Altered Carbon and Black Mirror on Netflix. When you are single and try to find the perfect partner for you, you come to know it is not easy, and you wish for an easier way to get the one made for you. This series can change the way you look at relationships completely because it spotlights a unique way to find the perfect one for you. Netflix has been tightly lipped about the show, but we have gathered some information for you. Read to get an idea of the release date, cast, and more updates.

“The One” Release Date : when can you expect?

Netflix greenlit The One in November 2018, and it has been almost two years now! Netflix confirmed that the series would have ten episodes and the filming mostly took place in and around Bristol, Cardiff, and Newport. On 6th January 2019, the lighting and camera crew was spotted in Bristol filming for the show. When someone approached to dig out some information, they only heard that the team would stay around for some time. Since the filming started long ago, it is safe to assume that it was complete before the pandemic. Sources say that Netflix will premiere the show in October 2020, but there is no confirmation of any specific date. 

“The One” Cast : Who will be in?

We regret to inform you that Netflix has not revealed any information on the cast. If you think that John Marrs might have spilled something out, no! He said that it had been a nightmare for him to stay quiet on the matter, but he had no other choice. Eighty publishers turned the guy down for his first book, and now Netflix is making a show on his novel. Hard work pays off. We know that the studio is StudioCanal. The company established by Overman, Urban Myth Films, is the show’s producer, and Julian Murphy and Johny Capps are executive producers of The One

The One Cast

“The One” Plot : what is it about?

The ten episodes will be set in the future where finding your perfect partner is as easy as a DNA test. Literally, according to the official logline, a hair sample can find the person you are genetically supposed to fall madly in love with! This idea is very appealing to those who are not happy with their relationships or are single. The show signifies the importance of keeping things such as love as natural. What will be fun to watch is how they manage to connect science with finding the perfect partner.

“The One” Trailer : When will we see it?

It is clear from Netflix’s behavior that it wants to maintain the suspense; releasing a trailer too early will give that away. Netflix has not dropped any trailer yet, but since we were expecting the show to release in October 2020, the trailer can pop up any day, if the show is on schedule. What do you guys think about finding your perfect partner this way? Shouldn’t we just try our best and make it perfect? Do let us know your views in the comment section. If you guys love sci-fi shows, you can watch Altered Carbon on Netflix until we get any update on the show.

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