Top 10 Most Famous People of Egypt !

Egyptian leaders were appointed pharaohs in ancient times. Pharaohs were kings' equal, and they were the only ones to be important and honored. For around three thousand years, they dominated Egypt. Pharaohs were forced to keep the royal bloodline and had to marry their siblings sometimes as a result.

Top 10 Popular Ancient Egyptian Foods !

Ancient Egypt was well-known for its unique culture, its pyramids, its giants, and its pharaohs on the Nile. Many tomb surfaces also show pictures depicting people hunting, fishing, and working in the fields. So here is a record of the Top Ten most popular ancient Egyptian foods.

Top 10 Outstanding Ancient Egyptian Paintings !

The Egyptian civilization is known as one of the oldest and richest civilizations in history. Along with other artistic paintings that have existed since ancient times, these paintings represent much of Egyptian history's early days. Here is a record of the Top 10 Magnificent ancient Egyptian art that still please Egyptian visitors and reflect this ancient tradition's essence.

The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World !

The Ancient Seven Wonders were first described in 225 BC as a "Themata," which means 'things to be seen in Greek and 'must-sees' in modern English) in the book 'The Seven Wonders' written by Philo of Byzantine. Here you will get the names of all seven wonders of the Ancient World!

Top 10 Most Conservative Countries In The World !

When arguing politics or religion, the word "conservative" comes up often, but what does it mean? Someone conservative is someone that has traditional values and ideas. A conservative character is wary of innovation.

Top 10 Deserts in the World

1. Sahara Desert This is the world’s largest desert and could very well be termed as the most impressive desert in the world as well....

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