Solos Season 2: Release date, cast, plot and Other Latest Updates!

Solos is a sci-fi movie released in early 2021. It studies humanity and explores strange, heartbreaking, hilarious and wondrous truths about its meaning. It was produced by Amazon Studios and narrated by Morgan Freeman (The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard), one of the best orators ever to grace our screens.

This seven-episode series has a decent rating of 5.9/10 on IMDb, which isn’t bad considering it was meant to be a limited series. Rotten Tomatoes rates it at 45%, which is considerably low. However, the latter is one of the harshest movie critics ever. 

The series has seven unique character-driven stories, with each character setting off on a thrilling adventure in a not-so-certain future. They learn that we are all connected through our human experience, even in our most isolated moments.  

Some people have also pointed out that this series’ storyline may have been drawn from Black Mirror. However, that’s on you to decide. Ensure that you watch the first season if you haven’t, and tell us what you think in the comment section. 

Let’s take a look at whether viewers should expect a second season or not.

Will Solos Return for Season 2?

Solos Release Date

Even though this production was billed as a limited series, we can’t rule out the possibility of a second season. However, we have to acknowledge that there is a slim chance. We don’t have any news regarding its renewal, and Amazon Prime hasn’t made any official communication. 

Also, we cannot have a release date for the second season without a renewal. However, if it happens in the months to come, we should give the production team a window of between 14 and 18 months to bring us a sequel. 

Solos’ release date has yet to be announced. It appears that it will be announced soon. Season 2 of Solos is set to premiere in 2022. We’ll update this post if we learn more about the release date for Solos season 2.

Solos Season 2 Cast

Solos Cast

Who is likely to come back in the sequel of this series? Well, we can’t ignore the fact that Season 1 had a rich cast, including Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman, and Constance Wu (The Terminal List). Even though they may sign for the second season, we should expect to see new faces. 

Anthologies also allow actors interested to sign on for years for it or leave as they wish. You should also note that of the eight cast members in season one, 3 are Oscar award winners. Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren (Shazam 2) and Anne Hathaway all have Oscars. 

Solos Season 2 Plot 

Solos Plot

The second season’s plot will follow much of the same thing as the first, which was concerned with learning about humanity. The directors and writers will delve more into understanding human connections and everything that make us human. 

It will take us through the good and bad elements in life as well as the dark moments of isolation. We can expect to be reminded of how we are all connected.

Solos Season 2 Trailer:

There can’t be a trailer without a renewal. Most of the things that will happen in season 2 are pure speculations. However, you can be sure that we will keep you updated if anything comes up regarding the series. Here is a trailer for the first season if you need a recap:

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